The Original Beauty Blender...Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Hi beaut's!

Surprisingly I'm extremely new to the original beauty blender, for years I've seen so much hype and love surrounding it but in all honestly I was always put off because of the price. I would say to myself  'surely the cheaper alternatives are going to do the exact same thing' and I've used those cheaper beauty sponges for years without many grumbles, I mean I've stumbled across a couple that are rock solid and feel like their punching me in the face when I use them but in general I've had good experiences with cheaper sponges and didn't think I really needed the original one, that was until I used the original beauty blender and wow....that was it, I was in love!
The gorgeous hot pink egg shaped sponge has been a complete game changer for me, it bounces on and blends my foundation and concealer with complete ease without leaving any streaks and makes my base makeup look so smooth, lightweight and natural and I never have any problems with my makeup looking cakey or going cakey during the day when I use my beauty blender. The sponge itself is so foamy and soft and even when it's wet and volumises it keeps that light airy softness and doesn't feel firm at all which I love, it's honestly the nicest feeling sponge I've ever tried! The shape of the sponge is amazing for all area's of the face, the top pointed tip is fine enough that it can blend around the small areas of my face like around my nose and eye contours without any effort needed, that pointed tip is also great if your fond of the 'baking' trend because it can stripe on loose powder under your contour and under your eyes really well too. The quality of the beauty blender really shines through too, my cheaper sponges ALWAYS tear or rip somehow but my beauty blender hasn't got a single mark on it so far. I've also noticed that it doesn't seem to absorb my foundation as much like my other sponges have which means less wasted product, hurrah!
Sorry to my other sponges but I've definitely been converted over to the original beauty blender, the overall look of my base makeup after using the sponge is so much smoother and natural looking than when I use my other sponges and it's so quick at blending everything in too. No matter what I use whether it's foundation, concealer, primer, powder, matte finish, dewy finish, you name it this sponge leaves that stunning finish every time! If you haven't tried a beauty blender yet then I think you need to, I mean after all it hasn't earned it's amazing reputation for nothing and I can definitely see why its so well loved now!

You can find the The Original Beauty Blender* for £17.00 HERE.



  1. I have to agree they is nothing better than the beauty blender, the quality is amazing and its worth every penny.

    Melissa | Fruity Flamingo

  2. I have always used the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and I do love it, but you are right in that it does rip quite easily. Will have to try the proper beauty blender and see if I can tell the difference xx

    Jasmine |

  3. I do use makeup sponges, but I've never used the original version. Sounds like it's a much better quality!

  4. I have always been put off by the price too... I use the real techniques one which I love! The trouble is you have to re-buy them after a certain amount of time as they don't last forever... Love the review, and it definitely sounds amazing! I just don't have the money right now! Hopefully one day I will get on the train too! Haha! xx


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