6 Easy Money Saving Tips!

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Once you start 'adulting' and have bills coming out left, right and centre it really makes you think about money and what your spending! I actually got my first flat with my boyfriend back when I was 19 and it was shock to my bank accounts system I tell ya! So today I thought I'd share some very simple money saving tips that I now like to go by which actually work a treat for me personally!

1. Get Every Loyalty Card Going...Whether its for your latte in Costa, your toiletry's in Boots or your food shop in Tesco a loyalty card is a must and such an easy way to save money. I recently used my Boots points to get myself a new foundation without having to put a single penny towards it! My Mum is actually quite savvy with her rewards cards, she saves up all of her points all year round and uses them all at Christmas which saves her so much money at the most expensive time of year, I'm going to use this method this year too with my Tesco points.

2. Open A Savings Account... This seems so simple and obvious but if you don't have a savings account this is something I'd highly recommend! Me and my boyfriend both have one and even though I only work part time I still like to put some money aside in my savings each month, it doesn't matter how much just something either each week or each month can make a huge difference. It's surprising actually how much you can save in a short amount of time and it's really rewarding too, last year me and my boyfriend actually managed to kit out most of our house with brand new furniture without a single credit card or debt in sight because we'd saved for it. Even getting one of those huge jars that you throw all your loose change in can be so rewarding when it's full, it actually amazing how much money your loose change can add up to.

3. Shop Your Stash...Obviously we all love to hit the shops and buy a lot of things we don't need, I'm really bad at this when it comes to makeup, but in actual fact my makeup collection pretty much consists of enough makeup to last me a lifetime, so it's all about getting into the habit of using what you have instead of having five variations of the same eyeshadow palette! It's the same with clothes too, I'm sure if you go through you wardrobe you'll find some hidden gems you'd forgotten about too.

4. Find Discount Codes... When shopping online I ALWAYS google search for discount codes for the particular online shop I'm wanting to make a purchase on, whether it be for a certain percentage off or free shipping, 9 times out of 10 there will be a discount code floating around that will save you some money. The Hot Deals UK site is really good for finding deals too, I browse that quite often and they even have a vouchers search bar where you can type in the name of the shop for instance 'New Look' and it will bring up any available voucher codes for that site, it's definitely worth a go and is always saving me money. 

5. Online Food Shopping... I have no choice but to do my food shopping online each week because I don't drive, but I think even if I did drive I'd still get my shopping delivered because it's such a great way of watching what you spend when food shopping. Firstly you can shop all the offers easier and quicker as the website has actual tabs for half price deals, £1.00 offers and BOGOF steals so I always take advantage of those first. You can also see how much your spending at all times, which if your on a budget is a life saver because you can never go over your budget this way. Most supermarkets also offer some great money off deals when you first sign up to online food shopping, I got £20.00 off my first two shops with Waitrose not so long ago which was a fab saving for me. And finally Tesco and Sainsbury's also have some freebie online offers sometimes, I obviously always take advantage of this because who would say no to free food, at the moment my Sainsbury's have free lucazade and free houmous (this can be found on the 'discover' tab) and last week I got a free 6 pack of Walkers Baked Crisps when I online shopped with Tesco.

6. Don't Fall For The 'It's On Sale' Trap - A sale ticket is like a magnet, it lures you in and before you know it you've bought a bag full of bargains you probably don't need and many you may never use. I've done this myself in the past but learnt my lesson when I cleared my wardrobe out ages ago, I found so many brand new clothes that where bought in the sale still with labels on that I had never worn, and when I've been asked why I bought it my answer was simply 'because it was on sale'. So realistically just because something is on sale doest mean it's going to save you money, if it's just going to stay in your wardrobe forever it's actually wasted your money.  

If you have any money saving tips please do share, cause we all love saving the pennies don't we he he.



  1. Love this post!! I'm always looking for discount codes, and being a uni student means I can usually get at least 10% off everytime I shop online!xx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk

  2. I posted a very similar post to this last week! :) I'm a sucker for "it's on the sale" so this is something I really need to work on haha xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. There's some really great money saving tips here! I recommend signing up for Swagbucks - it's a website where you complete surveys for points, which you can then convert into gift cards for stores such as New Look, Debenhams, M&S, John Lewis etc!


  4. Thanks so much for sharing these great tips!

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  5. I love this! Definitely agree with everything! Especially loyalty cards and coupons/offers! xx

    Zoƫ | https://zoe-ware.blogspot.ca

  6. I love shopping for my groceries online as well and the person that delivers my order changed so now I get this cute delivery guy that drops off my orders lol

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  7. Great tips! Also selling the things you don't use/clothes you don't wear is a good one :)


  8. I've started saving money recently, and I didn't realise how simple but effective setting up a savings account would be! I also find it easier to save up if you have a set goal in mind, because it usually makes you more motivated :)

    -Charlotte x

  9. Great tips love xxx


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