The Best Beauty Poundland Finds and Hacks!

 Hi beaut's!

I'm an absolute Poundland addict, mainly because every thing is an absolute bargain but you can actually find some amazing, good quality bits and pieces for around your home in there these days. Today I thought I would share what I do with a few of my Poundland finds, all of them are beauty related this time *well I am a beauty addict after all* he he.
Firstly how gorgeous is this little tray that I'm using for my perfumes, it's actually a mirror and not a perfume tray at all, but whilst I was browsing I spotted it and Poundland had actually stacked them up flat and immediately cute perfume tray ideas where swirling through my head. It isn't a huge mirror so you wouldn't be able to hold loads of perfumes on it, maybe just your seasonal ones but I love it. You could easily use it for makeup, nail polish and jewellery too.
Next up I have this little glass storage jar, the uses for this are literally endless from a pen pot, vase for your daffodils, cookie jar and even a cotton wool ball holder but I actually use mine as a makeup brush holder. It's a good size and fits loads of brushes within it and because it's clear glass you can find your brushes easily and it's super easy to keep clean when it gets grubby too, I love it!
Sticking to glassware I got a couple of these little trinkets which I thought where an amazing find, I use mine to store my cotton pads and cotton buds in because they look a lot nicer in my bathroom in the trinkets instead of the plastic packaging they come in. The trinkets are great for hair bands, bobby pins and jewellery too.
I spoke about these little white storage baskets on my Instagram a while ago because they are amazing for makeup storage inside my IKEA Alex drawers. You actually get two little baskets in a pack for £1.00 and you can fit five in one IKEA Alex drawer so I use mine to separate all of my makeup so I can get to everything so much quicker and easier! 
Lastly is acrylic storage, Poundland actually have a really good range of acrylic makeup storage, I remember looking on Amazon and eBay for acrylic storage and thinking 'wow that's pricey' so when I came across a few in Poundland I had to get some. I opted for a nail polish holder which you could easily use for your lipsticks too, and then two other general makeup storage holders that I use for lipsticks, lip liners and smaller palettes.

What's your best Poundland find beaut's? I'd love to know!



  1. You have to love Poundland x

  2. These are awesome and look more expensive than they are!

  3. I love a trip to Poundland and B&M alike, some great finds! x

  4. The mirror tray actually looks really cute! I also love the glass jar, I always have flowers in my room at Springtime so it would be perfect for some Daffodils or Tulips! Loved all these bits and bobs! xx

  5. There's some really nice finds here! I love the glass jars, they look so pretty!

  6. Love the acrylic nail polish storage! I'm always surprised at the gems I can find in Poundland.

    Faye x

    i wish i could wink

  7. I never look in Poundland for storage solutions, but I’m definitely going to take a look the next time I’m in town - I love the jar you use for your makeup brushes the most.. 😍

    Andi | ✨


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