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The Prettiest Phone Case For Under £3.00

Hey beaut's!

I got my shiny new iPhone 7 Plus just before the new year started and I couldn't wait to go phone case shopping for it, I wanted something that was pretty and inexpensive that also protected my phone slightly because I'm the worst when it comes to dropping my phone! 

After having a good search online I stumbled upon good ole eBay, a few scrolls later and I came across the bargain of all bargains, a gorgeous granite/marble/colour contrast phone case that ticked all of my boxes and was less than a teeny tiny £3.00, that's with postage included! What a bloody result!
When the case arrived I was in love, I mean who doesn't love a bit of pink and marble on their phone case, it's so aesthetically pleasing and perfect for those Instagram flatlay's too, how 'blogger' of me (lol)! The only thing I was worried about with this phone case was the quality, of course it's not as thick as more expensive phone cases but I actually like that because I hate bulky cases! The back also has a matte/slightly rubberised finish which means it doesn't slide straight off my bed or sofa when I put it down like previous cases have and it feels a lot more comfortable to hold too. I've had my case for around 2 months now and theres not a single scratch or mark on mine so I totally recommend it, I mean whats not to love!

You can find this little beauty HERE for £2.89 with free P&P! 



  1. Oh wow that's such a beautiful case!

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  2. That's such a bargain for £3! Lovely case xx

    Jasmine | https://jasminelaurenfancy.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Wow! What a bargain! The case looks so pretty!! xx

  4. hahaha I literally just bought it, it's so beautiful


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