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Hey beaut's!

If your saw my Money Saving Tips blogpost last week then you may have seen that one of my tips was to shop your stash more and make use of some old favourites within your makeup collection...Well I took my own advice and had a dig through my Alex drawers and popped a couple of oldies but goodies back into my makeup bag to get some use out of them again and I thought I'd share them with you today!

Firstly I knew I needed to take a look at my base makeup, for some reason my skin is really all over the place right now and my usual foundation and powder combination had started to look cakey and just wasn't lasting well like it usually does, so I decided to go back to my old faithful Rimmel Stay Matte Setting Powder and thought I'd try L'Oreal's Infallible Foundation again. The reason the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation was back in my makeup storage was because it was a smidge too dark for me however I got it back out again and tried it and actually it looks perfect especially when my whole base is done, and wow I'd forgotten what an amazing foundation it is, it's lightweight, long lasting, has great coverage and more importantly it doesn't make me look cakey, woohoo! As for the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, I have no idea why I ever put in back in my makeup storage because I bloody love it, it's the best powder on the high street for sure!

I'm quite a creature of habit when it comes to my highlighter, when I find one that I love I tend to stick to it and don't reach for any of my other pretty highlighters and I'd totally forgotten about my beloved Mary Lou by the Balm...I know how could I, please to don't un-follow me now ha ha! I have been using my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for a while now and seeing as it's getting low I thought I'd get my Rimmel #Insta Fix & Go back out and I'm loving it, I forgot how refreshing it was and just how well it keeps my makeup set into place. Finally I knew I needed to switch up my eyeshadow palettes, I've literally used nothing but my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette for the last couple of months because the formulation is just to die for so I knew I had to stick to Too Faced, so I got my Merry Maccarons Palette back out! I forgot how much I loved the shades in this palette, their so easy to work with and perfect for quick looks before I go to work!

What hidden gems have you rediscovered recently beaut's? I'd love to know!



  1. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer is absolutely gorgeous and such a favourite of mine.

    Candice |

  2. I haven't used the Rimmel pressed powder for years, that used to be one of my favourites!

  3. So many great looking products! In all honesty I haven't used my Mary Lou-Manizer in ages either, but this has inspired me to reuse it again. That palette looks so pretty too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. That Too Faced palette looks gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear! I also love the loreal infalliable foundation it's so good!

    Jess xx


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