Beautyblender + Too Faced Beauty Sleep Set

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I absolutely love it when brands collaborate so when I saw that Beautyblender and Too Faced had come together to create this Beauty Sleep Set I was left with love hearts in my eyes. Too Faced have always been a brand I've loved, the formula of their eyeshadow palettes is one of my favourites but theres a major plot twist here, I'm a Beautyblender virgin! Yup that's right, I have never owned - or used for that matter - an original Beautyblender, so as this set seemed like such good value for money I just had to treat myself. I actually got my set from Debenhams when they had 20% off so I paid £24ish for mine although full price the set is £27.50 which I still think is a good price for what you get!
The Beautyblender + Too Faced Beauty Sleep Set contains four products in total, theres a standard size Beautyblender and a Micro Mini Beautyblender in the set both of which come in a delicate baby pink colour which I frickin' love, and from Too Faced theres Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray and a Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. Both of the Too Faced products are travel sized however I would say that the Hangover Setting Spray is more of a deluxe sized sample, you get a 3oml bottle which I think is a pretty decent sample size and will definitely last me a while. The Hangover Primer though is only a little 5ml sample so theres only 5-6 uses within it which isn't a lot but it's definitely enough to know whether your really feeling it or not.
As I was completely new to the much loved Beautyblender I had no idea if I was going to get along with it or not but wow.....I love it! It's so foamy and soft and even when it's wet and volumises it keeps that light airy softness and doesn't feel firm at all which I love! It bounces on and blends my foundation and concealer with complete ease without leaving any streaks and makes my base makeup look so smooth and lightweight. The Micro Mini Beautyblender was just as good as the larger size and comes in so handy when I'm blending out concealer around my eyes, it can literally fit into any small feature on the face, it's fab.
I've really been enjoying the Hangover Replenishing Face Primer and even though I've only managed to get a handful of uses out of the little sample it's by far the best primer I've tried. It really hydrates, smooths, and brightens my skin creating the perfect base for for my foundation to sit on top of and when my foundation is on it looks so dewy and healthy, where as most other primers I've tried make me look quite dry and matte so I really love this one. I'm also loving the Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Setting Spray too, you can prime, set, or refresh you skin throughout the day with this one, I do love a multi-purpose product! Personally I've been using the spray to set my makeup in place which it does really well and it's great if I've gone a little bit OOT on the powder products because it reduces that cakey, over powdered look without leaving me oily a few hours later!

You can find the Beautyblender + Too Faced Beauty Sleep Set for £27.50 HERE.



  1. Wow this sounds amazing! I really want to try the primer for sure! I love too faced, and beauty blenders are my go to for foundation! Great review! xx

  2. I've heard so many great things about the Two Faced primer, would love to try it soon xx

    Jasmine |

  3. Love this! I love how beautiful this set is, adoring the baby pink colours. Might have to pick a set up myself at one point soon. Plus Ive heard so many amazing things about the primer Uh, my poor bank account xx

    Hana |

  4. Sounds like a great set xxx

  5. This sounds like a little set I need for my holiday to survive 20 hours travelling!


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