MUA Luxe Glow Beam Highlighting Powder Review

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I'm such a highlighter addict, it's my absolute favourite thing to apply when I'm doing my makeup and I love nothing more than walking around like a gorgeously glazed donut at all times, and when I was in Superdug a few weeks ago and spotted an MUA highlighter in the corner of my eye named 'Glow Beam' I just had to give it a whirl, and it was on offer for £2.50 instead of £5.00 so that was a brucie bonus!

Truth be told I haven't bought anything from MUA in years so I had no idea what to expect from their Luxe Glow Beam Highlighting Powder but I have to tell you straight away I absolutely love it! The packaging has a white and gold design which is simplistic and fuss free and looks super pretty on my dressing table. Whats interesting about this packaging though is how you dispense the product, it's like a grater, you have to twist the circular case in order for the highlighter to dispense from the three grooves in the top of the packaging, it gives the illusion that the highlighter is rock solid and that your shaving some off but in actual fact it's a tightly compact loose powder, it's pretty unique and I've never seen anything like it before.
The highlighter itself is in the shade Gold which is a true yellow gold which I like, the powder is so finely milled that it blends onto the skin beautifully without being chunky and the intensity is wellll....people in space can see me glowing put it that way! It looks so metallic on the skin and creates such a beautiful sheen, it does contain a slight bit of minute gold glitter but you can only really see that when the light hits it, it generally just looks like an intense golden glow most of the time!
 I've found this little beauty to be really versatile to, I've used it the centre of my eyes as an eyeshadow to make my eyes really pop and as an inner corner highlight. You can also use it on your body too and it works amazingly well when used wet with setting sprays, it really ups the ante and makes the highlighter look so bright that you need your sunnies at the ready he he! For £2.50 I cant recommend this highlighter enough, it hasn't left my makeup bag since I got it, I love it!

You can find the MUA Luxe Glow Beam Highlighting Powder in Gold for £2.50 HERE.



  1. Oh wow it is such a gorgeous colour!! I have never tried a gold highlighter before, but this one looks gorgeous! I have never tried MUA before, but after reading this I might have to give them a go! xx

  2. It is sooooo pretty and the price even better! Enjoy it!

    Laura M -


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