Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Barry M 'Under The Sea' Nail Polish Review

Hey beaut's!

When I heard that Barry M had launched a new collection of nail paints that where mermaid themed my little mermaid loving self went straight down to Superdrug to buy a couple quicker than Ariel could say dingle hopper! I mean who doesn't want glistening, mermaid nails on a daily basis, I know I do!
The new Barry M collection is called 'Under The Sea' and contains four colour-shifting, two-toned shades. I opted for the shades Jellyfish - a gorgeous lilac with a baby blue/turquoise duo-chrome shift and Pinktail - a salmon-pinky -coral which has a stunning gold duo-chrome shift to it. These two seemed like the shades I would get the most wear out of, however I'm really lusting after the other two shades from the collection so I think I'll be needed those as well.
The formula of Jellyfish and Pinktail is lovely, they both apply evenly and smooth without any bubbling or streaking and didn't take too long to dry which is such a bonus as I hate waiting for nail polish to dry. If your wanting to wear these shades solidly by there selves then they do take quite a bit of layering up, I needed a good 3-4 good coats before they where fully opaque on my nails, however you can still get the same gorgeous effect when using them as nail polish toppers which I would recommend to be honest, it just saves on the layering up!
Overall I'm totally obsessed with these, they are so pretty to look at in the bottles but even prettier on the nails and are the perfect shades for spring/summer, I always get lots of compliments on these shades at work too, especially Pinktail, that seems to be a favourite! I really want to see a Unicorn inspired collection from Barry M now, this whole unicorn craze is huge and I think the 'Under The Sea' shimmering, duo chrome formula would work amazingly well with unicorn inspired shades! We will have to wait and see I guess gals!

You can find the Barry M Under The Sea Nail Paints for £3.99 each HERE.



  1. These are all really stunning shades.

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  2. They are so pretty! I have only tried a few of their polishes, and I love the ones I have tried, so I definitely need to get some more! xx


  3. These are gorgeous I saw these on display the other day but wasn’t brave enough to test the formula for myself. Do they chip easily? x

    1. No I found they didnt chip that easy but like I say I had plenty of coats on as they are not very opaque so I think the extra layers helped with the chipping! x

  4. These look like such pretty shades!


  5. These are stunning where do u get your nail things from they are gorgeous. I love Barry M Nail Polishes definitely need to try this one

    Ezara: https://www.ehbeauty.com

    1. I get them from amazon or ebay hun! You get loads in a packet and their so cheap too! xx

  6. These are gorgeous! Love the shimmer


  7. These are so pretty, perfect for spring! x



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