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Makeup Revolution 'Mermaids Forever' Eyeshadow Palette Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Makeup Revolution seem to be constantly on fire with their amazing new launches... Their original revolutionary priced makeup line definitely proved popular with all of us makeup and beauty lovers and since then they've just gone from strength to strength releasing lots of gorgeous new makeup for us all to feast our eyes on and drool over ha ha. This time around Makeup Revolution have created a mesmerising palette named 'Mermaids Forever*' that contains 32 ultra professional eye shadows with a colourful, aquatic, mermaid theme that will only set you back an affordable £8.00, that works out at just 25p per eyeshadow, wowza!!
The 'Mermaids Forever' palette comes packaged in a shiny blue cardboard box which really reflects the shades that can be found inside the palette. The eye shadows their selves are placed inside Makeup Revolutions classic, large, glossy style packaging which comes complete with a good sized mirror inside which is always greatly appreciated. As I said before the 'Mermaids Forever' palette contains 32 eye shadows in total with a mixture of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes and is packed full of vibrancy and colour! I love how the eyeshadow pans in the palette are laid out, as you can see the first row in the palette has four shades of pearly, creams then you have the four shades or orange to play with going from light to dark, then four shades of pink again going from light to dark and then so on with the purples, blues, greens, bronzey/browns and the palette finishes with greys and blacks.
Now I know that this palette might to be for everyone because of it's brightness and colour but personally I think 'Mermaids Forvever' is a palette everyone should own because you've got all the colours you'd ever need in one palette. You could easily create daytime looks with this palette buy adding subtle pops of colour around different area's of the eyes, something I like to do in the Summer is add some colour smudged on my lower lash line, I find it's a great way to use colour if play a bit safe with your eyeshadow like I do he he.  
As always I don't really have any complaints on the eye shadow's quality, Makeup Revolution seem to make such amazing eye shadows don't they he he. Each eyeshadow within the 'Mermaids Forever' palette is packed full of pigmentation, especially the metallic/shimmer finish shadows and are all super soft to swatch, easy to work with and blend out a treat. I would suggest using the cream/ivory shades in the palette as shimmery highlights as they do appear quite sheer but work great at adding that gorgeous highlighted glow which I love. They eye shadows also last great on my oily eyelids without any creasing or fading most of the day, however I have been using Makeup Revolutions Aqua Seal-Primer as a base recently because my lids seem to get a lot more oily when the weathers warmer and more humid and it seems to work really well.
What do you think of the new Mermaids Forever palette beaut's?? I'd love to know!!



  1. I reviewed this palette yesterday, and I really like it. But I had pigmentation issues with the purples and even a few of the blues. It must just be my palette, seeing how you don't have any issues with the pigmentation. I also found that the highlight Shades were very sheer and hardly showed up on my eyes. The purples didn't swatch well, as well as a few of the blues. It did perform better with an eye brush, but I definately had issues with this palette, I own 2 of the other 32 shade palettes and I had no problems with those, so must just be my palette :) great review.

    Loevens makeup rambles

    1. Oh no really... All the shades in mine seem super pigmented, the purple matte shades did appear slightly lighter in colour when used/swatched than they seem in the pan but the pigment was still good for mattes. I agree with you on the highliting shades, they are quite sheer but mine still leave a nice highlighted shimmering effect so all in all my palette seemed quite good hun. Thank you :)

    2. I must have gotten one from a bad batch or something. strange how they can be so different. I may just have to get a new one at some point.

  2. Love this!! and the palette looks gorgeous! xoxox

    1. Thank you lovely :) It's such a colourful palette and I love it, it's nice to finally have some colour in mu life hehe xxx

  3. Looks so so good, great swatches! xx


  4. The turquoise shade in your swatch photo is to die for! I don't really, 'get' this palette though. It seems a bit like a rehash of the Mermaids Vs Unicorns palette and several of the shades in this palette just don't scream 'mermaid' to me. That being said, I do think Makeup Rev eye shadows are fab. Really well made for such a bargain price tag. x

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  5. Oh...well...wow...I have no words for this palette...this is...magical (? - Maybe...awesome, fabolous and beautful)...anyway: I love it!!
    I hope it will be available in my country soon, so I can get one too...:D

  6. I do love a Make Up Revolution palette! I've never considered getting a Mermaid/Unicorn palette but their Flawless/Beyond Flawless range are more neutral tones so right up my street! I use their Aqua Seal Primer as well, though I find it a little tricky to use! x

    Ornella | euhnella

  7. This looks like such an amazing palette!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  8. I still can't believe the incredible value of the Makeup Rev Palettes. This one will be perfect for being a bit more adventurous with colour, during Summer! Great review :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  9. I really really struggle buying highstreet/low priced eye shadows. Every time I do it just seems to end badly and then end up wishing I had spent the money on a new Mac shadow. Sure does look pretty though!


  10. I love love LOVE Makeup Revolution so much. Such a great company with amazing products. I really want to try out this palette and it's next on my payday wishlist!
    Sarah | The Girl with the Winged Liner

  11. Gorgeous palette! Those swatches look amazing!

    Georgia x


  12. I bought this recently, thanks for the review and lovely pictures :D


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