The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box | 4th Edition | Review

Hey girlie's!!!

Today I'm back with something abit different, a gorgeous smelling fragrance box!!!! 

Some of you may or may not know that The Fragrance Shop have their very own fragrance box called 'The Discovery Club', it's very much like a beauty box but with high end perfume samples inside. The box costs just £5.00 per quarter, with a yearly subscription costing just £25.00, what a bargain!!!

Each 'Discovery Club Box' contains six perfume sample vials and a snazzy booklet with £60.00 worth of perfume vouchers inside, each voucher giving you £10 off each perfume sample you received in your box, brilliant!!!

Usually a perfume sample box is something I wouldn't even go for, but at this time of year it's certainly great to have. With Christmas fast approaching this box is a great way to smell and sample perfumes that could be potential prezzies for your family and friends, I don't know about you, but sometimes it can be abit awkward in shops asking to smell alot of fragrance's so this box helps you sample some scents in the comfort of your own home, plus you have the extra vouchers to help you save the pennies too!!!

This month is The Discovery Clubs 4th Edition Box, inside are 5 ladies fragrance's and 1 fragrance for the man in your life he he.....

Hugo Boss Jour

Hugo Boss Jour is such a lovely sophisticated fresh scent and its great for daytime wear. I love that it's not too strong or overpowering either, there's nothing worse than a strong scent that gets on the back of your throat, yuk. The full size bottle of Jour retails for £34.50 30ml, £48.50 50ml and £62.50 for 75ml's.

Giorgio Armani Si

I love a good ole Giorgio Armani scent I find they really do make a nice perfume and Si doesn't disappoint. If you like fruity scents then your going to love this as it has a very strong passion fruit scent to it, I've also found that the longer you wear Si the nicer the fragrance gets which is slightly bizarre but great none the less ha ha. The full size bottle of Si retails for £43.50 30ml, £62.50 50ml and £84.50 for 100ml's.

Loewe Aura

I absolutely love this Loewe Aura scent, its quite a musky scent and definitely smells very luxurious and expensive he he. The full size bottle of Aura retails for £53.50 40ml, £72.50 80ml and £88.50 for 120ml's.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Now this is my absolute favourite out of the entire box, and if you like a nice sweet scent your going to love La Vie Est Belle!!! Ive used my little sample up already and this scent id definitely going on my Christmas list ha ha. The full size bottle of La Vie Est Belle retails for £38.50 30ml and £54.50 for 50ml's.

Elizabeth Arden Untold

The scent of Elizabeth Arden's Untold I actually really like, its quite sweet but there's definitely a hint of floral in there, its a really sophisticated scent too. Personally i think this is more of a mature scent, and definitely a fragrance I know my mum would love. The full size bottle of Untold retails for £34.50 30ml and £47.50 for 50ml's.

Gucci Made To Measure For Men

And lastly the Men's scent from the box, this pleased my boyfriend alot, its always nice when the men in your life can have a little treat from our girlie beauty boxes so they don't feel left out ha ha. Gucci Made To Measure is definitely a very spicy sexy scent for men, my boyfriend loved it so I think that's another crimbo gift sorted he he. The full size bottle of Made To Measure retails for £36.50 30ml, £48.50 50ml and £64.50 for 90ml's.

Overall I think the Discovery Club Box is a great idea for anyone who's really into their perfumes or if you want gift idea's this is the perfect way to trial them out and get your money off vouchers. 

You can sign up for your Discovery Club Box on the Fragrance Shop website, its just £5.00 every quarter, and your free to have your membership as long as you like as you can cancel at any point with no strings attached.

Let me know your thoughts on the Discovery Club Box girlie's!!!

Spray a little happiness!!!


P.S. This post does contain a PR sample. This does not affect my opinion of the product.


  1. I love this idea! I just personally wish they were bigger samples because I couldn't justify it myself :( xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

    1. Yeah for this time of year it's a fab idea :) Especially for those money off vouchers hehe. Thank you for your comment sweetie xoxo


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