Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials | Part 2

Hey girlie's!!!

So I'm back with my second instalment of my Autumn/Winter beauty essentials, if you haven't already read part 1 you can check it out here beauty's.


This year for the eye's I've been loving so many different shades from, golds to berry tones and even darker more smokey colours, all of which are great for Autumn/Winter. I can see myself using my 'Urban Decay Naked Palette' an awful lot, its got great neutral shades along with some great gold/bronze shades which look great for Autumn. A new favourite of mine that I've fallen in love with straight away is the 'Sleek Vintage Romance Palette' its got some fabulous deeper more sultry autumnal shades inside along with some beautiful gold shades too, again perfect for this time of year. And then onto my more affordable smokey option, i love the 'MUA Smokin Palette' as the name suggests its a great little palette for creating all different smokey looks for day or night and is a bargain for only £6.00. 

I can also see me using my 'Maybelline Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate' all the time too, its makes a great eye shadow base or you can use it for a nice wash of colour over the lid if your in a rush. Check out my full review of the Color Tattoo here. 


I love to switch things up abit with my base makeup when the colder weather arrives as your skin can start to appear more dull. I try to keep myself looking bright eyed a bushy tailed so to speak he he, the best place to start is by getting a nice radiance enhancing foundation, this will make your skin appear more awake, more glowy and no where near as dull as before, a great one for this is the 'Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation' giving you a light radiance affect, i would also highly recommend the 'Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation' too. Also for you girlie's who like to opt for a heavier foundation in winter i highly recommend 'Estee Lauder Double Wear' it makes your skin look perfect and is great for wearing on evenings out, so it will come in handy for those Christmas Party's.

As for concealer, the 'Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer' will again be great for popping under your eyes to dramatically brighten that under eye area making you appear more awake, it will also cover any dreaded dark circles. I also think a nice touch to finish your base makeup is a nice rosy blush, something that looks like the flush you can get on your cheeks when its really cold, the perfect one I've found for this is 'Sleek's Pomegranate Blush' I've done a full review on this blush recently which you can read here.


Your skin often gets very dull looking and dry in winter months so its essential to keep your skin in the best condition you can. I have very sensitive dry skin anyway and have quite a strict skincare routine because of that so i just upgrade from Simples Light Moisturiser to their Rich Moisturiser, its more moisturising than the lighter version and keeps you moisturised for up to 12 hours which is great!!! It also works as a lovely base before foundation.


Its fair to say my hands and the cold weather really do not like each other!! My hands get so dry that my knuckles chap and bleed so a good hand cream is essential. I adore Soap & Glory's Hand Food, its a lovely hydrating hand cream that contains Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Marshmallow!!! It melts into the skin quickly which is great as i hate that sticky slippy feeling, it smells gorgeous and more importantly it really does add alot of moister back into my hands!! I also love that Soap & Glory do a little handbag size version of the Hand Food too which is great in the winter month's for any on the go SOS moments.

Starbucks Travel Mug

And lastly, not so much a beauty essential but still a definite essential in my eyes, a Starbucks Travel Mug!!! Great for on the go, to keep you nice and warm, and this way you can still enjoy countless cups of hot chocolate, tea or coffee even when you leave the house, perfect!!!

So that's my Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials for this year along with all the products i mentioned in part 1. I still have lots more Autumn/Winter themed posts planned so keep em peeled girlie's he he.

What are your Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials for this year??? Id love to know.



  1. ooh the Maybelline Color Tattoo is a beautiful shade, definitely want to try that!

    meimei xx

    1. Oh it's gorgeous!!! The color tattoo's in general are amazing too, i could'nt beleive how good the quality was :))) xoxo

  2. That Maybelline Colour Tattoo looks really lovely, I've seen everyone blogging about the neutral shades but I haven't seen this one before. My A/W beauty essential is a nice berry lipstick and matching nails! xxx

    1. Yeah im after the neutral shades next haha :) Ohh that's sounds lovely hunni and right up my street, i love verry lips and nails too xoxo

  3. Lot's of our essentials are the same! I did a Supderdrug order last week, and looked at the basket before I checked out... Every single product was berry coloured! Oops. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

    Charlotte - xx

    1. Hahaha im addicted to that berry shade too, in make up and clothes haha. It's gotta be done at this time of year though :) xoxo

  4. I really like the idea of this post and you put up great recommendations :)

  5. I swear by Estee Lauder Double wear in winter, especially when you haven't had quite enough sleep - covers everything up! I'm on the look out for the perfect wintery lip shade x

    1. Yer it's great for perfecting the skin isn't it :) Ohhh have you seen Part 1 of my Autumn/Winter beauty essentails as ive got a few affordable lip colour options on there :) xoxo

  6. I really love the color of Metallic Pomegranate. Too bad we don't have it in Malaysia (T_T)


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