My Favourite/Dream Bathrooms Trends!

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I think the bathroom is one room in my home that I wish I had multiples of because I have so many bathroom interior ideas, and when you only have the one bathroom it's hard to choose from all the trends that I love! We recently had our bathroom re-done in our home and I love it, I think my favourite looks and trends for UK bathrooms is quite minimal, clean looking and basic, so that's what we went for in ours, I love white and grey tones with hints of green from plants however, I thought I'd share a few other trends/ideas that I have if money and space was no object. 

Free Standing Bath - I mean how beautiful are free standing baths, it's actually on my interior bucket list to one day be the proud owner of a free standing tub! I just think they look so luxurious and timeless with their roll top, gorgeous shape and most have the stunning Victorian looking feet, their just so aesthetically pleasing and whacking in a bath bomb in one of those is my idea of heaven. 

Overhead Shower - Although we updated our shower when we had our bathroom done to a more modern looking one, the goal is to one day have a trendy looking overhead shower,  I'm actually sooo jealous of people who have one. I'm talking a large square one which is  actually installed and running from the ceiling, not only do they look flipping amazing but I can you just image how amazing having a shower with one would be. 

Statement Tiles - Yes I'm that girl that loves a marble tile or two, I adore grey and white together so marble tiles are my idea of heaven as they look amazing on the floor as well as on the walls however...Something a little bit different for me is a delicate pink tile, if I had another bathroom I'd go for delicate pink herringbone tiles with gold hardware and maybe add touches of navy!

As Many Plants As Possible - A huge bathroom trend is to add plenty of greenery with plants whether they're real or fake and I'm totally living for it! I have a few plants in my bathroom as their perfect for adding a bit of character but they also easily fill a gap on a shelf or in a corner, I particularly like plants in the bathroom that either hang from a corner on the ceiling or trailing plants. Good plants to for - for a bathroom are Ivy, Aloe Vero, Spider Plants and Bosten Ferns.  

Column Radiators - I'm so happy that column radiators are trendy again as I blooming well love them, I think the smaller they are the more gorgeous they look so a bathroom is the perfect place for a smaller column radiator. I also much prefer the look of those than a heated towel rail! 

Wow this post has really made me want to get decorating again (please don't tell my boyfriend he he). What bathroom trends do you love beaut's? Do you have any of these already? I'd love to know.


* This is a collaborative post. All writing and opinions are my own!


  1. I can't wait to renovate our bathrooms, I have so many ideas x

  2. These are great ideas. My parents are currently redoing their bathroom and deciding whether yo have a shower over bath or only a shower cubicle! My vote is for the bath. A free standing one sounds heavenly, I look the look of them.
    Kim x


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