Haircare Tips And Tricks To Reduce The Dreaded Frizz!

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Keeping your hair frizz free it always tricky, especially in the ever changing UK weather, sometimes it seems theres not a product out there that can help, and this is coming from your girl right here who likes sleek straight hair everyday. I have an entire draw filled with all sorts or products from dry shampoo's, oils, serums you name it, it's in there but I've come to realise that its mostly my own tips and tricks that help me achieve my frizz free, sleek hair so I thought I'd share them with you all today!

Use Heat Protection - This is quite an obvious one but it really is a must, I cant stress enough how heat protecting creams and sprays work wonders at keeping frizz and of course damage at bay. I use straighteners a lot on my hair and if I didn't use my heat protecting spray my hair would be a dry, frazzled, frizzy mess and not silky smooth like it is right now!

Wash Your Hair In Luke Warm Water - This is probably the easiest tip to put into place, if your washing your hair with hot water then dial it down a few degrees because hot water can actually strip your hair of its essential oils, which can leave your hair feeling drier, brittle and looking duller. 

Think Of Going Vegan - A while back I actually tried a vegan shampoo, conditioner and hair mask and the results where amazing! The products are free from sulfate, paraben and silicone as well as having a naturally-derived formula which works wonders for the hair. As I said before my hair felt amazing after using the vegan products, it was silky soft, smooth, glossy, manageable and most immortally for me frizz-free. So if your thinking of making the change to vegan hair products I highly recommend you go through with it!

Look At Websites Or Call A Stylist For Inpso - If your struggling with what particular styles to go for - for a special occasion because of the frizz don't be afraid to go that extra mile for ideas, whether it be checking out award winning salons like Top Hairdresser Manchester for advice from the stylists there selves, or just having a browse online can help so much and give you so many ideas, you can also find reviews of products online and get so many recommendations that meet your needs.

Blow Dry With A Brush - I'm not going to lie this is quite hard to master but once you get the hang of it your hairs going to thank you for it! Blow drying with a brush leaves you with such a silky, glossy look to the hair, literally like you've just walked out of the salon, now who doesn't want that because I know I do!

Condition Correctly - Hopefully your already using conditioner - if your not then that's a tip in itself because conditioner has so many benefits such as locking in moisture, getting your hair tangle free, prevents damage and breakage, keeps your hair silky and frizz free and it always makes your hair smell lush too. To get the best results from your conditioner apply it from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair working in with a wide tooth comb skipping the root area, applying conditioner at the roots can end up weighing down your hair and making your root area quite flat which you don't want!

So there you have it beaut's, a few tips and tricks that are pretty easy to put into place that will help with the dreaded frizz! I hope they help a few of you lovelies out! 


* This is a collaborative post. All writing and opinions are my own!

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