Autumnal Candle Haul!

Hey beaut's!

It's that time of the year again when I turn into the crazy candle lady, theres something so cosy and warming about burning candles during the Autumn/Winter months isn't there, they just look so pretty on those dark autumnal nights and the spicy, warming scents are just amazing! Because I literally have to fill my entire house with candles it means I have to bu quite a few and I found some absolute corkers in TK MAXX recently so I thought I share which ones I got!

All four of the candles I picked up in TK MAXX are by the brand DW Home, I believe this is an American brand which would explain the epic scents I found, I don't know about you but I feel like candle companies in the UK just don't do those epic Autumnal/Halloween scents like they do in the states! All four of the candles I got come in glass jars with lids and feel super luxurious and expensive, the prices of these where pretty epic too, the small jars where only £2.99 each and the larger jars where £5.99 which for candles in general is good but as their an American brand I think that's an amazing price!  
(From left to right - Maple Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spice,  Apple Cider, Frosted Leaves)
The scents I picked up are...
Maple Pumpkin - Wow this candle is next level, I wish they had larger jars of this one in stock because I think I would of bought a couple of those because I love it so much! Maple Pumpkin smells sweet like caramelised sugar and pumpkin combined with a hint of toasted nuts, it honestly smells good enough to eat!
Pumpkin Spice - This one comes in the most amazing black glass jar with little gold bats all over it, it was also boxed up in gift box for no extra charge which I thought was such a nice touch, they had a couple of other Halloween candles boxed up too if your looking for a Halloween themed gift! This one reminds me of Yankee Candles cinnamon stick, it has quite a strong cinnamon and nutmeg vibe going on mixed with a brown sugary sweetness, it's absolutely lush!
Apple Cider - This one not only looks super autumnal in it's rusty Orange jar but it's literally autumn in a candle, theres hints of woodland spices mixed with warm apple cider, it's incredible and the scent throw is fabulous!
Frosted Leaves - This is quite different for me because it's got that woodland vibe like autumn leaves, weathering pine and burnt embers but I actually really like it, it kind of reminds me of going on a drizzly walk in the woods with the dog if that makes any sense he he!

I'd definitely recommend popping into TK MAXX soon if your after these candles as I cant see them lasting very long, I definitely want to pop back in a grab a couple more soon! I want to check out their autumnal homeware too but they never really had much of that in when I went!  

What scents have you picked up for Autumn beaut's? I'd love to know!



  1. TK Maxx is AMAZING for candles, I am way too obsessed with them!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. This has got me craving for new candles, oh my god I want them allll! x

  3. I LOVE TKmaxx for candles - I definitely need to take a trip there and pick up some autumn scents!!

    Lucy |

  4. Apple cider is all I’ve been burning over the past couple of days it smells delicious! Autumn candles are always the best, they all smell amazing!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  5. All of these sound so nice - I need some new autumn candles x

  6. I visited TKmaxx on the weekend and must have spent a good half hour minimum smelling all the candles. Was very close to buying Apple Cider too but decided to get Pumpkin Toffee and another instead :) Frosted Leaves sounds lush though. Will need to look out for that one next x


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