Whiffy Wax Melts Review

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If you know me then you'll know that theres always a wax burner on or a candle burning in my house, I find it so comforting and relaxing not to mention the cosy vibes it brings as well as the added bonus of my house smelling incredible, so yeah - you can see I'm quite the addict! So you can imagine how excited I was when I recently got the chance to try some wax melts from Whiffy Wax, having not tried the brand before I was really intrigued!

Whiffy Wax literally sell everything that will make your house smell incredible, theres wax melts, wax burners, candles, room sprays, reed defusers, and carpet fresheners with so many scents to choose from. What I love about Whiffy Wax is that all of their products are made entirely by hand using only handpicked quality ingredients, no machinery is used during the manufacturing process and the products use recyclable eco-friendly materials and soy wax.

Whiffy Wax have soooo many scents to choose from whether you want bakery, fruity, fresh, floral, sweet, designer and luscious, theres literally a scent to suit everyone! My favourite scents are always anything sweet and foodie and also fresh and clean - and the melts I've been trying are certainly up there with my all time favourites! I have three fresh scents - Fresh Linen, Baby Powder and Cool Breeze and six sweeter scents - Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cinnamon Buns, Fluffy Bubble, Vanilla Crunch, Strawberry Shortcake and finally Citrus Pound Cake! Honestly these scents are right up my street, my favourites so far are definitely Fresh Linen, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Cinnamon Buns, they literally smell INCREDIBLE! 

The quality of these wax melts is so good, you literally need a small chunk of the wax to pop into your burner and that's enough to provide a big ole scent throw, I wouldn't say their overpowering but they do certainly pack a punch. The wax also melts pretty much instantly so your not waiting around for the scent to start working it's way around the house, I find that really handy when you've got someone popping over at short notice and you want your house smelling lush quickly! I actually have the mini wax melts which provide 12 hours of burn time but personally I find they last sooooo much longer. The mini 1oz wax melts are £1.20 each or for better value you can get their Whopper Box of nine mega sized 2oz wax melts for £15.00.
I'm so impressed with these wax melts so far and it's made me really excited for - dare I say it - the Christmas scents, Whiffy Wax actually have some specific scents for Summer available right now but I can only imagine what epic scents they will have for Autumn and Christmas! I'm really interested in their designer scents too, who knew you could get a wax melt that smells of your favourite perfume, yup they have Lady Million, Daisy and Ghost, pretty epic right?!

Check out the Whiffy Wax website HERE beaut's!  


*This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love wax melts and have my burner going most days, this brand sounds great xx


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