Dainty Doll Makeup Haul

Hey girlie's!!!! Recently i discovered a website called fragrancedirect.co.uk, as i was browsing i noticed they had quite a few nice makeup brands at quite discounted prices, what a Brucie bonus!!! Obviously i had to take advantage and buy a couple of things to try, well it would of been rude not too.

The Dainty Doll range is a range I've wanted to try for so long for a number of reasons,
1. Because I'm makeup junkie.
2. I'm a huge fan of Girls Aloud and as this is Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud makeup line of course id get sucked into that and want to buy it.
3. As this line is aimed at paler skin i wanted to see how some of the products worked on someone with not such a light skin tone.  

Ill insert some pictures of what i purchased and the fantastic affordable prices i paid, i will be doing full reviews on all my product's soon as i haven't had chance to try them out properly yet to warrant giving them a full review.

Lipstick in Baby Love £1.99

Cream Blusher in Orange County Girl £1.99

Eyeshadow Base in Frankie Girl £2.99

Mascara and Eyeliner Duo in Good Gosh Miss Molly £1.99

Concealer Pen in It's A Kind Of Magic £1.99

Much Love Hayley xXxXx


  1. Very cool packaging. What's the eyeshadow primer like?
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Yeah i love the packaging too :) Its quite good actually im really liking it, ill be doing a full review on all products i bought on my blog soon xx

  2. thanks for the heads up to the website! Been looking to try Dainty Doll make up for a while!

    1. No problem hunni, defo worth a try now whilst they are at that bargain price :) xx

    2. My products came through during the week! Did a review on them on my blog http://talkingtransplants.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/dainty-doll-make-up-review.html
      Thanks for the heads up! again :D x


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