Dainty Doll Makeup Review Part 2

Hey girlie's!!! So this is my second instalment of my Dainty Doll makeup reviews after picking up some of the Dainty Doll range from Fragrance Direct recently....

Dainty Doll Mascara & Eyeliner Duo 
in 001 Good Gosh Miss Molly 

I really wasn't impressed with this product at all, the mascara was just awful it done nothing for my lashes i think the fact that the brush was nearly dry didn't help i literally had to put the wand in and out the little tube about 10 times before any mascara was actually on the brush, the brush itself is a bristle brush not a plastic one and is aimed to lengthen and thicken and for me it does neither. The eyeliner is okish, its extremely hard to apply as the brush is more like one lonely bristle that isn't even sturdy enough to apply, once your get past that and manage to apply it, it is extremely long lasting and doesn't budge. I did only pay £1,99 for this so its not a great loss but i noticed there are some sites still selling this for £17.99 and for me its not worth it at all.

Dainty Doll Lipstick
in 006 Baby Love

I love this little beauty... Its the perfect nude, its nice and moisturising and the staying power is amazing. The packaging is metal and nice and sturdy the only thing that's annoying is like I've said before the shade name is no where to be seen on the product so if you had a few of these in your makeup bag you would have to open them all to find the shade your after. The lipstick was £1.99 what an absolute steal.

Dainty Doll Concealer Pen
in 003 It's A Kind Of Magic

I was so excited to try this concealer as I've never had a concealer in this type of pen form before, at first i thought i had a dud as you have to click the end for the product to come out  but i was clicking and clicking for ages and then all of a sudden a mass amount of product came out which was a bit annoying .The product itself is really easy to work with and blend  although it does dry quite quickly so you have to work with it fast, id say this is a light to medium coverage but is buildable too. All in all i do love this product and will be using it everyday from now on.

Please check out the first part of my 2 parter review on my products i purchased.

Love Hayley xXxXx


  1. Great haul! Love the lipstick :) Have you ever tried Dainty Doll foundation by any chance? I'm dying to try it as I'm really pale but they don't sell it in my boots and I don't know what shade I'd be. Pale girl problems eh? Haha xxx


  2. Thank you :) No i havent tried the foundation, they where selling it for £1.99 on fragrence direct so maybe look at some swatches and try one out and if it happens to be wrong atleast you havent spent a fortune :) xxxx

  3. That shade of lipstick is lovely! Wish I'd picked it up now (must have sold out - only Stripped left) :-( xx

    1. Aww bless ya, everyones proberly going mad as their such a bargain xxx

  4. Love the lipstick shade! xx


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