50 Facts About Me

Hey girlie's!!!! As i only started my blog in January i thought i would do a '50 facts about me' post as its a great way for you to get to know me a little better, i personally love reading these sort of post's, i don't know if its because I'm generally a little nosey or just that I'm interested in people's lives, no matter what the case i thought id do my own, i hope you enjoy.

1. My middle name is Anne.

2. My favourite month is December. 

3. I have been with my boyfriend Michael for 7 years on the 15th August 2013.

4. I work in a woman's clothes shop called Select and love it.

5. My birthday is on the 31st August.

6. I collect Disney movies. 

7. Gorilla's scare the hell outta me because when i was little my uncle dressed up as one and jumped out on me and my cousins, it resulted in me having nightmares for nearly 2 weeks and now I'm just terrified.

8. I have a huge phobia of being sick.

9. When i was a toddler i used to stick anything and everything up my nose, the worse 2 things i can remember was a button and a piece of bread, they took some time getting out.

10. I have a really close relationship with my mum.

11. I used to work in Woolworth's as the Entertainment Manager ( CD, DVD & GAME COUNTER) but got made redundant when they closed down.

12. I'm a reality TV show junkie, i love them all.

13, If there's a food Ive never tried before ill always smell it first and if i don't like the smell i wont try it.

14, I'm 5"3.

15. I have size 3 feet.

16. Me and my boyfriend live together in our own house.

17. I adore Cheryl Cole.

18. I never fake tan. 

19. Frankie and Benny's is my favourite restaurant.

20. I used to love horse riding when i was little, i had 2 horse's 1 called Simon the other called Bracken, i used to take them to show's and compete.

21. Ive already chosen my future child/children's names.

22. I moved out of my parents house when i was 19.

23. Id love to travel one day, specifically in America.

24. I'm extremely clumsy and anytime i walk anywhere i trip up at least once without fail.

25. One Tree Hill is my all time favourite TV show ever.

26. I love cooking programmes.

27. I love to sprinkle hot chocolate powder over my ice cream, weird i know, but so yummy.

28. Ive never dyed my hair, not even with a wash in wash out dye.

29. I bite my nails even though i try so hard not too.

30. I have a Labrador called Alfie, i got him at 8 weeks old and he's gonna be 2 in June 2013.

31. I have 2 half siblings.

32.  I don't have my ears pierced as i hate anyone touching my ears.

33. I have no tattoo's.

34. I like all music, it doesn't matter if its pop, rock or r'n'b if i like it then i like it.

35. I smoked when i was 16 for a few months as i thought it was cool, now i think its horrible.

36. I was a tomboy when i was younger and loved building camps and doing boyish things.

37. I'm now a true girlie girl.

38. I hate it when people have no manors, please and thank you cost nothing. 

39.  I used to have my belly button pierced, I've taken it out now.

40. My boyfriend is my best friend.

41. I watch Eastenders every night its on without fail, its the one soap I'm addicted too. 

42. I HATE coffee.

43. I cant leave the house without wearing my makeup, i feel completely naked without it.

44. Spaghetti Bolognese is my favourite meal.

45. I always leave lights on in the house when I'm not even in the room, i get told off for this all the time but never learn. 

46.  I suffer with an illness called Labyrinthitits.

47. I'm quite an emotional person, so if anything remotely sad happens i cry. 

48. I adored gardening when i was little and my dad gave me half the garden to do what i wanted, i made a rockery and planted loads of flowers.

49. I have an extremely sweet tooth.

50. I love Super Mario games with a passion, always have always will.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me that little bit better

Much Love Hayley xXxXx


  1. You were a really cute child :D
    I was a total tomboy as a kid too, I still am tbh :)

    Jesss xo

    1. Awww thank you hunni altho i always cringe at the baby/younger pics of me haha.

      Much love Hayley XXX

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Hope you enter. Click the following link to find out how to participate.


    Hannah xx



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