Dainty Doll Makeup Review Part 1

Hey girlie's!!! As you might of known from a previous blog post i bought a few Dainty Doll makeup items from Fragrance Direct recently, after using them for a while now i thought i would start reviewing them all for you so here goes.....

Dainty Doll Cream Blusher
In 002 Orange County Girl

To start i adore the outta packaging if i saw this on a makeup stand in a shop id certainly be attracted to go and look at it as appearance's are everything to me in a makeup product, the actual product packaging itself is really nice and sleek and compact, it doesn't feel cheap in anyway nore does it feel like it would break easily if its chucked in your handbag or makeup bag. The one thing i didn't like was that the shade of the product is no where to been seen on the blusher casing itself so that's abit annoying.

Orange County Girl is a peachy coral shade with a high amount of gold sheen to it, i find its best applied with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush as i get a real even amount of product on my cheeks and its really easy to blend with that particular brush. The product itself is really lovely to use its so silky and smooth to apply and blends out really well, the pigmentation id say is good but you can build it up quite easily for a more brighter look. Personally i think this shade is best for the summer or when your on holiday with a nice tan as that's when i think ill get the most use out of this blusher, all in all i think its a lovely and the fact it was only £1.99 is even better, gotta love a bargain!!!

Dainty Doll Eyeshadow Base
in 001 Frankie Girl

I was so excited to try this I'm always on the hunt for a great eyeshadow primer or base as i get extremely oily eye lids and find a lot of eye shadows crease and slide. The product itself is a rather hard cream in the pan but once you warm it up with your finger its nice and creamy and easy to blend all over the eyelid to create that perfect eyeshadow base.

I must admit i wasn't expecting much from this for some reason but i was pleasantly surprised, it blended out onto my eyelids really smoothly and my eyeshadow went on really well, when i was blending my crease colour i found it was done in a matter of seconds for some reason it just blended my eyeshadow out really well and super quick. The lasting power was also great i didn't experience any creasing at all or any sliding id defiantly say its worth the £2.99 that i paid for it. In a nutshell I'm really pleased with the results and will defiantly be using this base everyday from now on.

Hope you enjoyed the start of my Dainty Doll makeup reviews, have you bought any of these products?? 

Much Love Hayley xXxXx

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  1. I've just bought the same blush and absoultely love it! Even better that it was just £1.99! xx


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