A Picture Tells A Thousand Stories #5 ( Sunday Summary )

Hey girlie's!!!! Hope you've all had a lovely week. You may have noticed that last week there was no Sunday summary of my week in pictures, the reason behind this is because i had been really poorly with a bad case of a horrible flu bug and i had hardly uploaded any pictures on my Instagram, this week however I'm fighting fit again. This week has mainly consisted of me going to work, doing some baking (which I've really been getting into recently) and then more work, me and Michael also had to make it up to our Mums this week for missing Mother's Day on Sunday as we where both still so poorly, yup that right Michael also had the flu too. Anywhoooo here's my week in pictures ♥

My stash of medicines helping me through my horrible flu ♥ An old pic of me and my Mum, this picture was for Mothers Day ♥ Ive been getting extremely into cooking and baking recently so i made some caramel cupcakes ♥ Me, as i was starting to feel more human again ♥ I baked a yummy marble cake with chocolate butter cream frosting ♥ Love this quote ' Laughter is the best cosmetic.. So grin and wear it! ♥ My throwback Thursday was a toddler picture of me being a bridesmaid ( I'm on the left ), i was cute once ♥ Mm mm the chocolate caramel McFlurry's are out for Easter so i indulged ♥ I got extremely happy that it was Friday ♥ Off to work in my new pretty dress ♥ Oh my Milky bar giant buttons, YUM ♥ My good morning face on Saturday ♥

♥ My favourite song this week is Cheryl Cole Ghetto Baby, its a track from her A Million Lights album and i just cant stop playing it on repeat this week  ♥

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Much Love Hayley xXxXx


  1. I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award, the post is here http://luckfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/liebster-award.html :-) xxx

  2. loving these types of posts, can fit so much in.

    Your blog looks great, loving the background





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