Raspberry & White Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake

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It's been a hot minute since a rustled up one of my no-bake cheesecakes so this weekend I thought sod it, so I whipped up a raspberry and white chocolate flavoured cheesecake and I just had to share the recipe with you all. Raspberry and white chocolate is such a winning combination, they just work so well together and really taste amazing in a cheesecake! Theres fresh raspberries and melted white chocolate through the cheesecake which sits on the yummiest biscuit base and is topped with more melted white chocolate, more raspberries and swirls of whipped up double cream, it's the ultimate summer dessert! 

What You Will Need For The Biscuit Base
* 200g Digestives
*80g Melted Unsalted Butter

What You Will Need For The Cheesecake Filling
250g Cream Cheese
50g Icing Sugar
150ml Double Cream 
125g Melted White Chocolate (I used Milky Bar)
125g Fresh Raspberries 

What You Will Need For The Decoration
150 ml Double Cream
2 tbsp Icing Sugar
75g Melted White Chocolate
A Handful of Raspberries

How To - Biscuit Base
1. Blitz up the digestive biscuits to a fine crumb and pour in your melted butter and mix until it feels and looks like wet sand then pop it in a spring form tin and press down firm to pack those crumbs together. 
2. Pop into the fridge or freezer to chill/set whilst you work on the cheesecake filling.

How To - Cheesecake Filling
1. Melt the 125 grams of white chocolate first and set aside to come at room temperature and then give your 125 grams of raspberries a wash.
2. Pop the cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla extract into a large mixing bowl and whizz together with an electric/standing mixer until smooth.
3.Once smooth, pop in your double cream and mix again until well combined and thickened.
4. Pour in the melted white chocolate and mix again until just combined and then fold in the raspberries with a spoon or spatula!
5. Heap the cheesecake mixture on top of the biscuit base and chill in the fridge ideally overnight however, I made mine first thing in the morning and left it to chill all day until dinner time and ours was fine. Basically the longer you can chill it the better!

Time To Decorate
1. Once the cheesecake has completely chilled and firmed up you can decorate how you like, I melted some more of my Milky Bar buttons that I had and also reserving a few more for decoration later, once melted I then popped the chocolate into a piping bag and drizzled it over the top.
2. To finish off I whipped up some double cream and added swirls on top, then I used the left over raspberries and Milky Bar buttons to top the double cream swirls and voila!!
What I love about this cheesecake is that is isn't too sickly, the sharpness of the raspberries is really balanced out by the white chocolate and it's actually quite a fresh dessert! 


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