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Hey beaut's! 

If I could change anything at all about my home right now, it would be my kitchen. It's small, quite dated and although it's in really good condition still, it could definitely do with a face lift and a bit of modernising. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen too, I love cooking and as you probably know if you read my recipes I'm a keen baker, so I'm always dreaming of my perfect kitchen whilst I bake the day away, kind of if money was no object and the space was bigger, so I thought instead of living my constant kitchen dreams through the Sims (lol) I'd write up a little blog post instead.

As I said my kitchen is quite small so I'd love to make the kitchen slighter bigger so I could have an island, arh that would be amazing, not just for aesthetic purposes but the extra space that an island gives is amazing when your a baker like me and I love the idea of having a little breakfast bar on the island too. Then with every island you need to find the ideal LED pendant lights*  , personally I love the look of three pendant lights hanging down equally spaced above the island, it's stylish and modern and creates so much light if you like to work at the island with your laptop, arhh I can see it now.

In terms of colour scheme, it has to be grey and white for me. I love how clean and bright grey and white is, I also wouldn't minding pulling some natural wood into the kitchen via the island or the bar stools. I'd go for a shaker style kitchen too, I think the cut out/panelled cupboard doors look stunning! These sort of units and cupboards also tend to be wooden and not that modern glossy looking material, meaning it's timeless and wont look out of place in years to come which is pretty essential, as once you have a kitchen put in it wont be changed for a very long time! 

I'd go for built in appliances too, to help add a minimalistic look and one thing I've always wanted ever since I was little is one of those huge double fridges, I don't know what it is about those massive fridges but I just love them, and I'm determined to have one, I just wish my kitchen space was bigger now so I could buy one!  

Do you have any kitchen dreams beaut's? Let me know!


*This post conatins an AD, all writing is my own*

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  1. Thanks for sharing your kitchen dream, I would like a dishwasher, so I don't have to keep washing up by hand all the time :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes


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