What I've Watched On Netflix Recently #2

Hey beaut's!

I'm soooo addicted to Netflix ya know guys and gals, I seem to be watching so many things on there recently, but I mean who doesn't love a relaxed evening (or day off lol) all cosy on the sofa filled with endless things to choose from on Netflix and plenty of sweets to gorge on...I know I do, so here's what I've watched and competed recently!

The Perfect Date - This Netflix original film literally went live last Friday and guess what...I watched it last Friday night! Well...it has Noah Centineo in and anything with him in I'm all over! The movie sees high school senior Brooks  — who’s strapped for cash - create an app called The Stand-In where he does just that. Women of all ages hire him to be a date for a variety of different occasions. He goes from pretending to be a cowboy, to an art connoisseur the list is endless, all of this is so he can get the funds to get into his dream Ivy League school. This is a rom-com so of course there's love interests a long the way, some of which get complicated and Brook's finds himself in hot water with his best friend too so he has some making up to do there! Would I watch this again..probably yes... is it as good as To All the Boys I Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser? In my opinion no, but if you like a teen rom-com and have a bit of a think for our boy Noah then its definitely worth a watch!

After Life - Now I loved this series, it really takes you through all the motions I tell ya, I went from crying to laughing to nearly spitting my tea out in pure shock of some of the lines that Ricky has! Ricky Gervais actually wrote and directed the series and also plays the main character Tony! Tony's really going through the motions as his wife of 25 years has passed away and he's not dealing with the grief well, you kind of see how his attitude or should I say the grief affects his work, family and friends, it's dark-humour but honestly I cant recommend this season enough!

Dirty John - Now this is quite a creepy one, Dirty John tells the story of a successful woman who falls for a con-man. The series has so many twists and turns and really explores abuse and psychological manipulation and has quite the dramatic ending. If you do give it a go I would say stay with it as the first couple of episodes where a little lack luster for me but I kept with it and wow things got creepy good if that's such a thing ha ha!

 The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - I mean lets face it we all have our own opinions on this but I was so keen to watch this documentary and get a more detailed look of what happened or what might of happened to Madeleine. It really does show what a complete shambles the investigation has been and to be honest I feel it leaves you with more questions than answers! Did you feel the same if you watched it?

Let me know if you’ve watched any of these TV shows beaut's and if you enjoyed them, also I'd love some more Netflix recommendations too!



  1. I also loved Afterlife, and don't get me started on the Maddie Mccann documentary,That movie sounds good but I'll have to watch it alone, Arnie would think it's crap lol xxxx


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