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Recently I've been seeing a lot of fashion stores releasing their very own makeup and beauty lines, and being the makeup addict that I am I just couldn't wait to give some of them a go, the latest range I've come across is Pure Colour by New Look! Pure Colour is said to be New Looks solution to stylish yet cost-effective cosmetics, available now in 120 stores across the UK and online at With 100-pieces of makeup to choose from such as lipsticks and glosses to face powders and nail polishes, and even makeup tools it's safe to say theres something for every makeup loving gal out there in this collection. 
I've been road testing four makeup products from the Pure Colour range and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at just how good and pretty they are.
Pure Colour Lipstick in Burgundy* £3.99

I absolutely love a red lip and this Pure Colour Lipstick in Burgundy just ticks all the boxes for me, it super creamy on the lips and is extremely moisturising because its enriched with vitamin E, the pigmentation is amazing and I find it lasts a good 4 hours on me before it starts to fade slightly in the centre of my mouth. The design of the lipstick bullet itself is great at prise application and the end of the bullet actually has a curve to it so which just hugs the lips allowing it sweep on beautifully.

Pure Colour Liquid Lip Gloss in Sweet Rose* £3.99

Next I gave New Looks Liquid Lip Gloss a go, now I usually really dislike lip glosses because of their horrendous sticky texture but new looks offering is surprisingly not sticky at all, what I will say though is that it does have quite a thick, gloopy texture that can sometimes feel abit heavy but that's only if you apply a bit to much gloss to the lips so less is more with this product. The shade I got 'Sweet Rose' is a 'your lips but better' kind of shade which contains some very minute glitter particles but I find it's the perfect shade for everyday wear and does look super pretty and delicate on the lips, as for lasting power... I'd say it lasts around an hour on me which isn't necessarily long lasting at all but I find most glosses wear off quickly anyway. Overall I do really like this gloss and think it's the perfect partner for your handbag for an on the go glossy look.

Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Nudes* £4.99
I must admit I wasn't expecting much from this Warm Nudes Eyeshadow Palette but in actually fact I love it and have been wearing it everyday since I got it so that shut me up didn't it ha ha. The palette itself contains five well pigmented eyeshadows all of which have a gorgeous metallic finish, the shades are all very warm in tone but are still quite sutle which look stunning during these hot Summer months but can easily be worn all year round. I also think these shades are so easy to wear and could definitely take you from day to night, you could just apply a wash of any of the first four shades within the palette all over your lid and then use the darkest shade to add all the definition and smokiness.

Pure Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Brown* £2.99
And lastly we have the Eyeshadow Pencil in Brown, this little beauty is super creamy, well pigmented and long lasting and can be worn alone on your lid for a quick wash of colour or it can be used as a base for when you want to achieve a smokey eye look. Personally for me I love using the eyeshadow pencil for adding definition to my lower lash line, it so quick to use I just swipe it along my lower lash line and either use a pencil brush or my finger just to blend it in, it literally takes seconds to use and look so pretty.  

Have you tried any of the New Look Pure Colour Collection beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know.

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