Yankee Candle 'Tarte Tatin' Votive Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

Yankee Candle have recently launched lots of new scents for Spring and Summer 2015 ranging from the more traditional beachy scents to sweet bakery scents so of course being the Yankee Candle lover that I am I just had to go and stock up. I quickly made my way over to my local garden centre which has a huge range of Yankee Candle's and found their NEW Cafe Culture Collection, I picked up the three new votives from the collection and have already reviewed Pain Au Raisin and Cappuccino Truffle but today I have Tarte Tatin (£1.80) to review for you all.

Tarte Tatin is described as a just-baked tart made with sweet apples, spices and vanilla, mmmm now that sounds delicious doesn't it! For me Tarte Tatin is my favourite out of the Cafe Culture collection, it just smells divine. Imagine a freshly baked apple pastry with a hint of cinnamon and that's your scent right there, it really is good enough to eat and is so homely and warm and will definitely be a hit with those who have a sweet tooth like myself that's for sure. Like I've said before I do find the Cafe Culture candles quite a strange collection of scents to release for Spring/Summer, I think they suit more autumnal days because of that slight spiciness that most of them have running through them, that being said if you like a sweet, sugary scent like I do then they are all fine to burn all year round.

All the Yankee Candle votive/samplers claim to provides up to 15 hours of fragrance but personally I've found that Tarte Tatin  has lasted me so much longer because it throws off a rather strong scent, I only have to have Tarte Tatin lit for a couple hours and that's enough to fragrance my entire house with it's sweet, bakery scent which is amazing and such great value.

You can find the entire Cafe Culture Collection on the Yankee Candle Website with prices starting from £1.49 to £19.99. 

What's your favourite scent from Yankee Candle's new collections?? I'd love to know beaut's!!



  1. Lovee the sound of this!!! Looks gorgeous too! That red is soo pretty!

    This new bakery collection they have sounds AMAZING xoxo

    1. It really is incredible hun, and the bakery collection is a must try for sure!

      Hayley xoxo

    2. Yeah I'm sure!! And definitely! I'll check it out xoxo


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