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It's no secret that I'm abit of a mascara addict, I literally have two empty Glossy boxes full of mascaras, I just love them! So when I noticed that there was a mascara in Rimmels Scandaleyes collection that I didn't own I knew I just had to try it, so say hello to Rimmels Show Off Mascara*.
 The main defining factor of this mascara is the wand! It's a uniquely shaped, plastic bristle wand which Rimmel claim that the flat side of the brush plumps lashes with show-stopping volume without a clump in sight, whilst the ball side/end lifts and curls your lashes for eyes that truly show-off. The mascara also has a flake-proof, smudge-proof formula which claims to last morning through too the night with scandalous volume and lift, for lashes that really show off! Sounds pretty amazing right and definitely everything I want from a mascara!

So does this mascara live up to it's claims... Well kind of... The formula of the mascara is very dry in the tube so it does take some work to apply but then dryer mascara are better for reducing the risk of clumps as you aren't slicking mascara all over the place and the Show Off Mascara rarely clumped during application which is a bonus. As far as volume and length go I am abit disappointed, when I saw the name Show Off in the mascara title I was honestly expecting super long lashes with volume in abundance but it really didn't do much for my lashes in that regard, don't get me wrong my lashes are slightly longer than my natural lashes and they do have a nice amount of lift and curve to them but I was expecting alot more. I do however love the fact this mascara is smudge-proof without being waterproof, it honestly stays on very well and doesn't budge all day and I never experienced any flaking or transferring at all which is great. As I said before the wand is one of those plastic, spiky bristle jobbies which I'm not a huge fan of as I they are so hard and spiky when you wriggle the brush at the root of your lashes and it can be quite a painful experience, however the show off wand is very easy to use and combs through my eyelashes lovely and the little rounded end makes getting to any hard to reach lashes a breeze.  
Overall I'd say this is a pretty average mascara for volume and length but its great if your looking for a long lasting, smudge-proof, flake-proof mascara that gives your lashes a slight lift and curve. I also love the fuchsia packaging, it's just so girly and fun!

You can find the Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara (£6.49) along with the lots of other Rimmel Make-up on the Chemist Direct website, its the UK’s largest online health care and pharmacy business, providing quick and affordable delivery of tens of thousands of health and beauty products, whats best is you can save a few pennies on there too he he.

Have you tried the Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara beaut's?? I'd love to know what you thought about it??



  1. Love that you have 2 Glossyboxes worth of Mascara's! It's a shame the Mascara didn't quite live up to your expectations, but that's the beauty of trying new products!


  2. Ive never tied and Rimmel Mascaras before as all of the reviews I've seen have been a bit 'meh'. Thank you for sharing though was looking at this the other day! x


  3. This is an odd looking brush, it looks like it would be difficult to use so glad you found it easy. It gives a lovely effect too on you, but don't know if it'll sway me from my favourite Rimmel Lash Accelerator :)

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  4. Your eyelashes look lovely ^_^ I've never tried a Rimmel mascara before but Have always loved the packagings they do! My favourite is Maybelline 'Go extreme' and They're real by Benefit!

  5. i used to have that mascara and it was a really good mascara but unfortunately mine became very clumpy and i eventually had to chuck it out because it stopped working, but for the time i had it, it was very good and worth the money!

  6. I have this mascara but a different version in a monochrome packaging. It's my go to evening mascara and I love it for volume x

  7. Will check it out once I'm done with all the open mascaras I have :P

  8. Ooh i'd like to try this mascara now I've seen it applied! Great, detailed review. I just reviewed Makeup Revolution's mascara on my blog recently...great if you're looking for a budget one..it's only £2! Danielle x

    frontière girl


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