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Hey beaut's!

I was recently introduced to a website called NV Colour Cosmetics, the website contains lots of pretty makeup ranging from Lipsticks, Lip Crayons, Eye Crayons, Liners, Eye Shadows, Glitter Pots and much more and what really impresses me is the shade range, theres literally so many beautiful yet bright eye catching shades that are perfect for any Summer parties or festivals/music events that you might have coming up, as well as your normal everyday natural shades too. Today I have 2 of the amazing NV Colour Chunky Lip Crayons (£5.00) to share with you in the shades Watermelon* a coral-pink and Kinky Pink* a fuchsia pink, and I have to say they are absolutely gorgeous.
I really didn't know what to expect from the NV Colour products, they are all very new to me and I hadn't heard too much about the brand until now but after trying 3 of their lip products (lipstick review coming soon) I'm really surprised I hadn't heard about them sooner as the formula is blooming wonderful. 
The Chunky Lip Crayons come packaged in funky, bright cardboard boxes which really do reflect the NV Colour products. The crayons their selves hold 4grams worth of product and look just like the chubby sticks that us makeup addicts love, they also have a twist up mechanism at the bottom which I think is brilliant and so convenient when your on the go, there's nothing worse than needing to sharpen a lip crayon when your out plus sharpening wastes so much product but at least with these you don't have that to worry about. The formula of the chunky lip crayons is simply stunning, they are both very creamy and glide on the lips with ease, they're moisturising, packed full of pigmentation, feel extremely lightweight on the lips, non sticky and can be used on the eyes and body too which I think is amazing, I've actually used Watermelon as a cream blush this week and loved it, there's something so satisfying about matching you lip and cheek colour isn't there! The finish of the crayons isn't matte but it isn't super glossy either, they just leave a subtle sheen to the lips which I really like, once the sheen has worn off your left with a beautiful non drying stain to the lips that seems to last extremely well on my lips. 
As you can see the shades are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the Summer! The NV Colour Chunky Lip Crayons certainly get a massive thumbs up from me!

You can find the NV Colour Chunky Lip Crayons (£5.00 each) along with lots of other funky makeup on the NV Colour website.

Have you tried anything from NV Colour Cosmetics beaut's?? I'd love to know.



  1. They are amazing! The colours are so so nice! I LOVE lip crayons! <3
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. NV Colour have 10% off with the code SOCIAL10 until Sunday x

  3. they're such beautiful shades!

    from helen at

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  4. These both look like beautiful shades, I love Watermelon x



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