Baker Days Letterbox Cake ♥

Hey beaut's!

Today's post is all about cake! But not just any cake... Yummy, yummy cake that can be conveniently posted through your letterbox, mmm now that's my sort of cake he he. So where do these gorgeous letterbox cakes come from you might be wondering... well they come from the yummy website Baker Days. Baker Days are a business that cater to our every need when it comes to cakes, whether you want a small letter box cake, a large party cake or even a set of 12 cupcakes they can personalise them all with what ever you wish which I think is lovely and so thoughtful to anyone your gifting the cake or cupcakes too.
  When the Baker days Letterbox Cake* (£14.99) arrived through my letterbox it was all securely boxed up and the cake itself was housed in a cute tin with the words 'Just For You' on the top which I think is a lovely touch and it's always nice when you get to keep/re-use something after the cake is gone, they also supplied a small selection of balloons, candles and a party blower which is fab and totally brings out your inner child (cue me walking around the house pretending to party) ha ha. As you can see my letterbox cake design is a replica of my blog header which  just goes to show Baker days really can design anything you wish, I think it looks awesome and is certainly something I thought I'd never see on the top of a cake that's for sure.
 As well as personalising your cakes design Baker days have 6 delicious, handmade to order recipes to choose from with the best tastiest ingrediants, you can opt for a Chocolate, Vanilla, Fruit, Dairy Free, Gluten and Wheat Free and you can even have a half chocolate-half vanilla cake, the choice is just great! They also make their own buttercream, using only real butter , so theres no cheap alternatives, no preservatives and no funny stuff!
The cake itself tasted super scrumptious, mine was a vanilla sponge which was lovely and moist and was then covered with a thick layer of my personaliced fondant, I also have to add just how lovely the cake smelt, when I opened the tin it was like I'd walked into a room full of birthday cake it was so niceeee! The letterbox cakes are ultimately just for 1-2 people but I cut mine into 4 quarters so really 4 people could have a yummy slice each unless you wnat to keep the cake all to yourself hehe. Each cake will stay fresh and in tip-top eating condition for 14 days aslong as it's kept in a cool dry place so if you bought one slighly in advance that would be absolutly fine.

What would you have personlised on your cake beaut's?? I'd love to know.



  1. I got sent one of these, SO LUSH!!! <3

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. I could eat this whole thing in one, it looks so good especially with your blog header on! x


  3. I want one, it looks so good.Lovely post.

    Gaby x

  4. This looks SO good! I'm tempted to send my brother and sister one each for their birthday (twins) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion


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