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I seem to be obsessed with brow products at the moment, I feel like I'm forever looking for an affordable alternative to my expensive HD Brows Kit addiction and since Beauty UK's High Brow Eyebrow Kit* has been very popular amongst bloggers recently I thought I may as well give it a whirl.
Beauty UK's High Brow Eyebrow Kit contains a colourless eyebrow wax, 3 shades of eyebrow powder to suit most complexions, a double-ended applicator and the cutest mini tweezers I've ever seen and claims to give you on-trend, hi-definition brows, ooohhh. The packaging of the kit is OK, it does the job but is nothing to rave about, however it does have a handy 3 step tutorial on the back which is great for beginners, also the packaging isn't too big or too small making it perfect for travelling or carrying around on the go. Unfortunately the kit doesn't have various shades to choose from like Light, Medium or Dark instead it's a 'suit's all' kit which to be honest I do think is fairly universal. 
I must admit I rarely use a brow wax through my eyebrows, I always just stick to using simple old powders or pencils so I was unsure what to expect, the wax itself really has no colour payoff, its just there to simply help prime, tame and shape any unruly brow hairs. The brow powder shade selection is actually really nice, the 3 shades go from a light, ashy brown shade with a chestnut undertone perfect for light blonde/auburn brows, a medium toned brown shade perfect for darker blonde's and light brunettes and lastly a cooled toned, dark brown that can even look black in certain lighting, I think that would be best used on dark brunettes or medium brunettes if used with a light hand. All of the shades within this little kit have a good amount of pigment but I wouldn't go as far as saying they are amazing, they are nice and soft to swatch and do blend through the brows a treat.
The way I like to use the kit personally is by using my Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush to pick up some of the wax and really shape my brows into place, the wax helps tame those pesky brow hair's that like to stick out and acts like a nice brow primer giving the brow powder something to stick too and really does help with lasting power too, I then take small amounts of the brow powder ( I mix the light and medium brown shade's together ) on the same brush and using a light hand I fill my brows in as usual, I find by using the wax and the powder together it creates perfect, defined, natural shaped brows that stay in place all day, I love it! 

I also love that Beauty UK added the two little extras in the shape of a double-ended brush and tweezers as it really does complete the kit, I must admit I haven't used the little brush applicator in the kit as of yet as I like to use a brow brush with a longer handle for better precision but it does feel OK in quality. I LOVE the little tweezers, they are so handy and great at getting those hard to reach brow hairs, genius!

Overall I do really like this kit and I can now see why it's been hyped up so much recently as the quality really is very good, it's also an absolute bargain at just £3.99 which I think is amazing when you consider how much your getting for your money.

Have you tried the Beauty UK High Brow Eyebrow Kit yet beaut's?? I'd love to know what you thought.



  1. Such an affordable buy! I'd love to try this.

    Emma x


  2. £3.99 is an incredible price for this product!


  3. I so nearly picked this up last week, but in a way I'm glad I left it, would be wayy too dark for my blondness. It is such a good palette for the money though!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. This looks really good :) I really want to try it out :) x x

  5. I love how this has a few different shades, I'd probably end up mixing two as I can never find the right shade

  6. I have this and was going to write my own review on it! I really like it, especially for the price. Great review!

    Amie @



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