Nanshy Blending Brush Review ♥

Hey beaut's!

As you may already know I'm a huge Nanshy makeup brush fan, they're great quality brushes with affordable prices impresses me every time and today I have another beautiful brush to share with you, the Nanshy Blending Brush*!
Nanshy kindly sent me the Blending Brush to review ahead of the release of their Masterful Collection which will be announced very soon, and I have to say after seeing the images of the brand spanking new set I'm super excited! The set will contain 12 brushes in total that will be available in White or Black and will contain every essential makeup brush you would need in your brush kit whether your a beginner or a pro. To be the first to find out when the set is released along with the chance to receive 20% off the set all you have to do is sign up to Nanshy's Masterful Collection Exclusive List HERE!

Anywhooo now onto the Blending Brush in question... A good blending brush is key for any of us eyeshadow wearing beauties, I don't know about you but when it comes to blending I want something quick and easy to use and that's exactly what I get when using Nanshy's offering, I find when using the blending brush that the brush really does all the work for me as it literally takes a matter of seconds before I have beautifully blended eyeshadow, I really don't have to take the time to work at it like I do with other blending brushes I own. I also use the blending brush for blending concealer under my eye area and around my nose and it works really well, its such a soft, fluffy brush too and feels lovely against the skin, I just love it!!
 Just like all the Nanshy brushes the Blending Brush is synthetic, cruelty free, 100% vegan and has antibacterial bristles making it super kind and gentle to the eye area, so if you have sensitive eyes like myself this brush is a winner! As for washing... I found that the Blending Brush washed up really well, I did think because the tips of the bristles are bright white that it would be hard to get them back to their bright white 'new' looking stage, but they actually look brand new after a wash without any staining, loss of shape or shedding any bristles, woohoo! 

You can buy the Nanshy Blending Brush singly for £5.95 on the beautystore4u  website or on Amazon, it's also available in numerous Nanshy Brush Sets and will be featured in the Masterful Collection!

Have you tried any of the Nanshy Make-Up Brushes beaut's?? What one is your favourite?? I'd love to know and maybe add them to my wish list he he!



  1. I haven't tried the brand before but I'm hoping to get my hands on a set soon!

  2. I've been on the hunt for another eye blending brush after the owning the 217 I thought I'd never find anything as good as but this seems pretty good, may have to try it out x


  3. I've never heard of this brand before but I need a new blending brush and this looks perfect for the job - it's not too expensive either x



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