Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray Review

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On one very hot day a lovely little package dropped on my door mat, that package in question had Makeup Revolutions Pro Fix Makeup Setting Spray within it, and it honestly couldn't of got delivered at a better time! We are in the middle of some sort of tropical feeling heatwave in the UK and at the moment it's extremely hard to get my makeup to stay in place and not look like a big smudgy mess so the Pro Fix Spray was used immediately and today I thought I'd share with you all what I thought about it.

The Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray* (£5.00) is another new release from Makeup Revolutions ever growing makeup line and comes packaged in a white plastic bottle that holds 100ml's worth of product. The Pro Fix Spray's aim is to help keep our foundation and eye makeup in place with no smudging or fading for that just applied look lasting up to 8 hours, the spray also protects our makeup against heat & humidity, cold, and windy conditions, sounds pretty amazing right!?
The best way to use the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray is after you've applied your makeup as usual you then give the setting spray bottle a good shake then hold the spray at arms length and spray the micro fine mist until your makeup is fully covered with your eyes closed, making sure you avoid any direct contact with your eyes. The spray feels very cooling and refreshing when it's first spritzed which is great when it hot as it gives you a mini coll down and takes about 30-40 seconds for the spray to be fully absorbed, I must admit it does feel very strange spraying your face with something wet straight after you've applied a face full of fresh makeup but the results are fab! My makeup stayed in place really well most of the day and one defining factor for me is, since the weather has heated up in the UK my mascara has started transferring on my brow bone leaving me with horrid dark smudges but when I've used the Pro Fix Spray there hasn't been any transferring or a singe smudge in sight, it's blooming great! The spray hasn't dried my skin out or broke me out in spots which is another plus  and something I always fear with fixing/setting sprays however... I really do dislike the scent, it has a very strong alcohol scent which does fade after the spray has been absorbed but it's potent and wont go un-noticed.

Overall I am super impressed with this little beauty and scent aside it does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak! I would highly recommend Makeup Revolutions setting spray during the hotter months and it would work great on nights out too.

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray beaut's?? What did you think?? I'd love to know!



  1. I love products like this, so useful in this weather! I'm unsure if I'd like the scent of this though, I think it'd put me off :(

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. I really want to try this! im a fan of setting sprays, they can really make your makeup last longer and look better, so tempted to make a order!

    Catherine x

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  3. I was so tempted to add this to my last order but didn't in the end. Kicking myself now, but it does give me an excuse to place another order! Haha.

    Alicia (LissyBeauty)

  4. I didn't know they did a fix spray I will have to try this out xo


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