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I think it's fair to say all of us Makeup Revolution lovers went slightly gaga over their Conceal and Define Concealer, it took me bloody ages to get hold of that bad boy and after trying it I saw why, because it's so, so good! Shortly after the concealer launch Makeup Revolution or Revolution (I'm not sure what name their going by these days lol) launched their very first stick foundation and I couldn't wait to try it. To my surprise I managed to nab myself the Fast Base Foundation in Superdrug a week ago so I thought I'd do a cheeky first impressions on it today!
Just like the concealer the foundation has a whopping 18 shades ranging from fair to deep, in cool, neutral and warm undertones, I think is amazing and would love to see this more from other brands! I opted for the shade F3 in the foundation because I'm C3 in the concealer for the blemishes on my face and C1 for my under eye concealing and I'd heard that the shades match up to each other. F3 is for fair skin tones with a pink undertone which is what I have but it is a smidge light and I think I could of definitely gone a shade darker but it's nothing a bit of bronzer doesn't fix so I'm not entirely sure if the concealer and foundation shades do match up exactly the same. 
I've never used a stick foundation before so this was all completely new to me, they always reminded me of those horrible dry concealer sticks I used to use when I was about 14 which never blended at all so I always stayed clear however the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation is not dry at all, instead it's super, super creamy and melts onto the skin when you swipe it on, and it blends so easily with a beauty blender or foundation brush but I prefer using my beauty blender if I'm honest. The coverage is good, I'd say medium but buildable and the finish is very dewy which I like, the only thing I'm finding so far is that the foundation stays tacky on my skin and does settle into my smile lines so I do have to set it with a bit of powder but after it's set it doesn't move, go dry or patchy on me at all. 
 Overall I've been really liking this foundation so far and for £5.00 it's such a bargain isn't it! It's so creamy and blendable, has a good amount of coverage without looking too OTT or cakey, I would say if you have particularly oily skin then this may not be the foundation for you because it is so dewy I fear it may move around on oily skin. My skins been pretty normal recently although I do have the odd dry patch and the foundation doesn't cling to those patches which is a brucie bonus! I really want to grab one of the darker shades now to try some cream contouring, ohhhh look at me being all daring he he! 

You can find the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation for £5.00 HERE.



  1. I have wanted to try Makeup Revolution for ages now, I just don't think they sell it in Canada, so guess what the first thing Ill be doing is when I move back this summer? Spending ALL of my money on beauty bits and bobs! Haha!! Loved this review, not sure if it will work for me as my skin is on the oilier, but for 5 (pounds) I am not adversed to trying it! xx

  2. I wasn't keen on this product when I first saw it, because I remember using something like this as a teenager which was so dry and just didn't blend! But this foundation looks the complete opposite.

  3. It seems like this is definitely the way to go if you want to try a stick foundation! :)

  4. I've never tried a stick foundation, but this one looks like something I might invest in. Just as you I always worried that they would not blend at all and I would be left with horrible patches of product on my face or would have to redo my makeup :D

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