Essence 'The Gel' Base and Top Coat Review

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I love my nails to look like I've just walked out of the salon all glossy and perfect, well lets face it who doesn't, but sadly I don't have the time or the dollar to keep going and getting my nails done, however recently I discovered a gorgeous little duo by the budget friendly brand Essence that gives any of my manicures a salon look but in the comfort of my own home and what's even better is that it doesn't break the bank either!
The Essence Gel Base and Top Coats have really changed my nail polish game, which is really saying something because usually I'm not at all bothered with base and top coats if I'm honest but these two work so well together! The Essence Gel Base Coat* applies evenly smoothing everything out on my natural nails creating the perfect base for my chosen nail polish shade to go over, and despite being gel based these beauties don't need an LED or UV lamp making them so quick and easy to use. The Essence Gel Top Coat* is really what had me blown away, again it applies evenly without any bubbling or streaking and it dries in no time at all, I'm talking less than 60 seconds. What I love so much is that the top coat leaves a gorgeous glossy shine to my nails exactly like what I'd get if I had Shellac done on my nails in a salon and the durability and lasting power is incredible, I'm really heavy handed at work, in general and at home doing housework and washing up and my nails stayed chip free for 7 days, in fact I just had wear and tear right at the very tips of my nails and that's it, the main bulk of my nail was fine, I'm honestly shook! 
I also noticed that my nails feel a lot more hard wearing and stronger and the fact these are just £2.50 each is insane to me, their just so good. I would suggest using the two together though and not skipping a step, I have a feeling if I used the top coat without the base coat the lasting ability and durability wouldn't be as good but together they are dreamy!

You can find the Essence 'The Gel' Base and Top Coat for £2.50 each instore or on line at Wilko HERE.



  1. These sound amazing! Definitely going to have to pick myself some up. xx

    Lucy |

  2. Sounds immense, I always chip my nails after about 5 minutes lol

  3. oooo I need to try these!!!!!!
    elle x


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