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On Friday me and the boyfriend took a little trip into Norwich and of course I popped into Lush! I literally only have two of my Lush Christmas Sale purchases left so a cheeky purchase of a bath bomb or two was well needed he he. I decided to pick up a couple of old favourites along with some Mothers Day and Easter goodies too. 

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb £3.35
I've never tried a Sex Bomb bath bomb before and because it looks so pretty and girlie I decided to finally give it a go. It's said that it's best used  when your feeling tired, stressed out and anxious because the fragrant blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage really helps you relax and unwind. I cant wait to give this one a go and see if it does help when I'm anxious, I imagine my bath will be bright pink too he he.

Rose Bubble Bar £2.95
The Rose bubble bar caught my eye not only because it's pink, white and glittery but because it looks like a mini comforter doesn't it! Rose is actually in the limited edition Mothers Day collection and has a delicate rose scent and contains cocoa butter to soften the skin, I love the bubble bars that contain cocoa butter because at this time of the year my skins alot dryer so the cocoa butter really helps. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar £2.75
Creamy Candy is an all time favourite of mine that I've been repurchasing for years so I thought I was due another, I just love the sweet candy floss scent teamed with the moisturising cocoa butter, it so lovely. Also look how big it is, usually Creamy Candy's are just small little slices but this one is alot bigger and square so I'll get a few baths out of this one woohoo!

Twilight Bath Bomb £3.35
Another old favourite of mine is Twilight, it was actually the first bath bomb I ever bought from Lush years ago and I've been obsessed with it ever since! The fragrance of Twilight is designed to help you sleep and is super calming, so it's a great one if your stressed or if you just want to get relaxed.

Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb £2.50
How cute is this little beauty! Hoppity Poppity is one of the all new Lush bath bombs that's being released for Easter and when I saw how sweet it looked I just had to buy it, I don't think I even have to heart to put it in my bath as I don't want to ruin it ha ha! Hoppity Poppity has a fresh, herbal fragrance with a little zing to it so I think it could be good used in the mornings to wake you up, it also contains popping candy which is always fun.  

Mother Superior Bubble Bar £3.75
How sweet is the Mother Superior Bubble Bar, I couldn't resist that squinty little face ha ha. I really like the scent of Mother Superior, it's very floral and smells just like spring to me. This little beauty is another limited edition bubble bar so make sure you grab one before they go beaut's.

What Lush goodies have you picked up recently beaut's?? I'd love to know!! 

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  1. I love lush but never end up buying anything! I usually spend around 40 minutes in there dragging my best friend in (who isn't a fan) and then end up leaving empty handed! Needless to say he's never impressed! Definitely going to spoil myself soon after reading this though, haha! xo

  2. I really need to try one of the Hoppity Poppity bath bombs! xx

  3. Think I'll pick up the Rose Bubble Bar this weekend. It's my favourite scent but for some reason I've put off buying it for a few weeks.I hadn't realised it was limited edition though so perhaps I'll buy a few. Great haul, I love Lush!
    ox Lucy

  4. You got so much stuff that I want to pick up myself!! I've never tried the Sex Bomb bath bomb either, although I think I'll get it on my next trip to Lush - also really want to try out Creamy Candy as I've haerd great stuff about it :)

    Rachel |


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