Phil Smith Be Gorgeous 'BIG IT UP' Review

Hey beaut's!

When it comes to my hair I'm always lusting after that big and bouncy look, thats' why I style may hair curly or wavy most of the time but even then I'm left wanting more sometimes, until now.... 

I've recently been road testing Phil Smith's Be Gorgeous “BIG IT UP!” Shampoo* and Conditioner* and I've been obsessed with the results that this combination leaves. Firstly I love the packaging, it's bigger than your average  bottle of shampoo and conditioner and looks so eye cathcing and professional, kind of like what you would see in a hair salon. The scent it also very salon like, it reminds me of that smell when you first walk into the hairdressers and all you can smell is gorgeous products being used, it's so nice and lingers on your hair afterwards too. 

As I said before the “BIG IT UP!” (with soy proteins) range is targeted towards getting weightless body, bounce and volume into your hair so it would work perfectly for anyone with fine, flat, fly-away hair or you can use it just to perk your hair up if your feeling like it needs abit of oomph! The shampoo was really nice to use, it lathered up a nice amount but not to much which I like as I'm the sort of gal that always gets the soap suds in my eyes but this didn't happen to me with the Big It Up Shampoo, woohoo! The conditioner felt extremely creamy, luxurious and moisturising and got rid of any tangles that I may have got whilst washing my hair. After using this gorgeous combo my hair feels so soft, silky and moisturised but with a real natural bounce to it and lots of volume, and even the day after washing my hair it still has tonnes of volume, it was still manageable and didn't fall flat which I think is amazing!

My thoughts on the Volume Boosting Shampoo:
Professional, eye catching packaging
Smells like salon products, and the scent lingers after washing
Doesn’t over lather/was easy to rinse out
Adds heaps of volume
Worth the money
My thoughts on the Volume Boosting Conditioner:
Light, creamy consistency
Professional packaging
Easy to wash out
No tangles
Smells amazing
A winning combo worth the money

Overall I'm super happy at how the “BIG IT UP” Shampoo and Conditioner performed and I cant quite believe I've never tried the range before. It gives ultimate volume, glossiness, thickness and bounce and is easy to use, they are definetly a winning combination. It also gives you complete control of your hair and is so manageable. You can’t go wrong!

You can pick up the entire Phil Smith Range from Sainsburys, prices start from £3.50. 


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  1. This sounds perfect for my hair type, definitely going to have to try this out!


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