NEW Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup Black Velvet Palette Review

Hey beaut's!

Following the success of the gorgeous Faux Fur Palette, Makeup Revolution's I ♥ Makeup have launched another textured palette for us all, this time around it's all about 'Black Velvet If You Pleaseeeee' he he, yup that's right, say hello to the I ♥ Makeup Black Velvet Eyeshadow Palette*.  
Just like the packaging of the Faux Fur Palette the I ♥ Makeup 'Black Velvet' Eyeshadow Palette has kissed goodbye to Makeup Revolutions usual sleek, shiny lid and has instead been replaced with a black velvet effect lid and is finished off with a black crystal-cut heart placed in the middle, much like the other  I ♥ Makeup Eyeshadow palettes. Personally I love the change, its just so different and unique, I've honestly never seen any fur or velvet packaged palettes before. The only thing I will say is that when I first handled the palette it did shed some of the velvet fibres slightly, don't get me wrong it is beautifully soft and velvety but to stop the fibres shedding I'd suggest lightly spraying it with abit of hairspray from a distance, that's what I did and it works a treat.
The I ♥ Makeup 'Black Velvet' Palette contains 16 beautiful shades in total, 3 of which are striking shimmers and the other 13 are elegant and stunning matte shades all of which glide on smoothly, like velvet. The shade range within the 'Black Velvet' Palette is gorgeous and totally up my street, it's crammed full of nudes, neutrals and theres even a few darker smoky shades to play with. Personally I love the fact this palette is more or less an all matte palette, with the exception of the 3 shimmers of course, I just find matte shades work perfectly for any daytime look and the fact the palette contains some well pigmented smokey shades you'd easily be able to rock a matte smokey eye on a night out too.

 As always I really have no complaints on the eye shadow's quality, you'll probably already know I'm a huge fan of Makeup Revolutions eyeshadow palettes. Each eyeshadow within the 'Black Velvet' palette has a good amount of pigmentation, they are easy to work with and blend out a treat and they last great on my oily eyelids without any creasing or fading most of the day. Their are a couple of the paler shades within this palette that don't show up as well on my skin tone as others but I find these shades work amazingly well as a base shade all over the lid or as transitional, blend out shades in the crease so they certainly wont be neglected. 
All in all I think this is another absolute hit by Makeup Revolution, the shades within the palette are absolutely stunning and so wearable, so if your looking for a great matte eyeshadow palette thats packed full of neautrals Makeup Revolution have got you covered girls! Like always the palette is an absolute bargain at just £7.99, that's around 49p per eyeshadow, wowza!

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup 'Black Velvet' Eyeshadow Palette yet?? What did you think beaut's?? I'd love to know! 

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  1. Oh wow, gorgeous palette! They look like they swatch really well!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. These shades look lovely!
    I'm not a fan of the original "I ♥" palettes because the big pink / purple hearts, however the two new velvet and fur look so much more elegant!
    Great review :)
    ♥ Fran - xx

  3. This is beautiful! My favourites are the shades in the bottom row, but the whole palette is fantastic! :)

  4. I have this too and adore it. The heart on the front sold me!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Haha, I wonder where they based the layout of this palette from?! Stunning shades though :D
    Elephant stories and more

  6. Lots of lovely shades there including a huge Dk grey for those smokey eyes.. I probably wouldn't use the glittery ones but the rest are all good contenders.


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