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You will probably know by now that I'm a HUGE Soap & Glory fan, they are my go to body care brand and I'm yet to find something from them that I dislike not to mention that their product packaging and the yummy scents always lure me and are just gorgeous, and recently Soap & Glory have tempted all of us fans even more with a brand new collection called Organgeasm™! As the name would suggest the Orangeasm Collection is bursting with zesty freshness and moisturising quality's so if your a Soap & Glory fan and you like your oranges then this collection will certainly be for you girls!

The Orangeasm Collection consists of three orange scented goodies a Revitalizing Body Wash £6.50, a Super Rich Body Butter £10.00 and a Super Tonic Fragrance £12.00, all of which are perfect for the Summer months because of the zesty freshness. I think it's key to mention that the scent really is well and truely a pure orange overload, it really doesn't give off an artificial vibe that's packed full of sweetness, so if your a fan of Soap & Glory's more sweet, girly scent as appose to something more zesty this scent might come as abit of a shock too you.

Anywhoo lets see what I think to the whole Orangeasm Collection beaut's...

  Orangeasm™ Revitalizing Body Wash* 500ml £6.50
Soap & Glory body washes are always a hit with me and the zesty-fresh and revitalising Orangeasm™ Body Wash doesn't differ, its scented with fresh green mandarin, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. With skin softening, moisture boosting properties and contains Soap & Glory's exclusive MSUDS™ technology, Triple Tea™ antioxidant complex and Ginseng and Pinkpepperberry™, it really is impressive! In true Soap & Glory fashion the consistency is gorgeously creamy and lathers up beautifully when your in the shower leaving your skin feeling lovely and soft and smelling great without being overpowering, in fact the whole bathroom is filled with the orange-tastic scent mmmm! All in all the body wash gets a big thumbs up with me and the huge 500ml bottles last a lifetime so it will save your pennies in the long run too.

Orangeasm™ Super Rich Body Butter* 300ml £10.00

Ive never found a Body Butter that I love more than Soap & Glory Body Butters, theres something about them that's so luxurious and just damn right fabulous so it's no surprise that I'm in love with the Orangeasm offering. The orangy-fresh, moisture-intense, invigorating Orangeasm™ Super Rich Body Butter is scented with fresh green mandarin, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. The body butters consistency is extremely thick, actually luxuriously thick so it's fantastic for us girlie's with very dry skin, for dry knees and elbows and generally for any of us beaut's who want gorgeously soft, moisturised skin. I like to apply the body butter to slightly damp skin when I've just gotten out of the bath or shower, it just feels like such a treat and is an automatic thing that I do straight after bathing, of course it feels just as nice to slather the body butter onto dry skin and moisturises just as well but I just prefer rubbing it into my damp skin. What makes Orangeasm™ stand out for me is the fact that it contains little Shea butter massage balls that are coloured orange which none of the other Soap & Glory Body Butters contain, personally I love the new addiction and as your rubbing the body butter into your skin they kind of just disperse and melt into your skin, the body butter also contains Mangomilk™ too which gives it that extra fruity twist!

Orangeasm™ Super Tonic Fragrance* 100ml £12.00

I had never tried any fragrances from Soap & Glory before so I had no idea what to expect but the Orangeasm Super Tonic is lovely, its extremely refreshing and invigorating making it great to use on a hot summers day and is scented with energising elemi, fresh green mandarin, cool mint, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils. I was worried the Orangeasm scent would be slightly overpowering in a perfume/tonic form but actually is isn't, like I keep saying it's just very refreshing, I can actually see myself using this loads throughout the day when on holiday somewhere really hot, I just think it would work so well. So if you want to smell like a fresh, juicy orange for the day this is the scent for you.

Overall I love Soap & Glory's new orange-tastic collection and I think it works so well for this time of year. As this is a totally new scent for Soap & Glory I do think it will surprise alot of people and may not be every ones cup of tea as its definitely alot different to the pink scent and the sugar crush scent but it still smells super nice and refreshing, the whole collections great to use in the mornings too as the zesty scent really wakes you up.

You can find the whole collection in Boots and it's currently all on 3 for 2 as well woohoo!

Have you tried the Orangeasm Collection beaut's?? What did you think??  



  1. You've sold me, a great review. Sounds fantastic :) x

  2. These have been on my lust list, I mus pick them up on payday! Great pictures!

  3. The body wash stuff looks great! Love it coming in a giant bottle a well x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. These sound great! I am going to have to try these, I absolutely love Soap and Glory especially there sugar crush body wash and spritz spray! xx

  5. I am obsessed with Soap and Glory it's the only thing I use in the shower! But I haven't tried this and now I have to :D
    Rebecca x

  6. Love Soap & Glory the new orange set looks amazing.


  7. I love Soap and Glory, and have seen this on the TV and wanted to try it. I love orange as a smell so would love this but appreciate that it may not be to everyone's cup of tea. Lucy

  8. I love zesty scents in the morning because they are so refreshing! The name of this line is so funny and I really like the look of these products!

    Hilary x | TheBeautyCollective

  9. I haven't even had a look at these new products yet! Being a huge Soap and Glory fan too, I will definitely have to look when I'm in boots next as they all sound amazing! Love how the body butter has the beads in it, I've never tried anything like that before! :)

    Jessica | Jessica’s Journal ♥

  10. Great review, absolutely love soap and glory products and that packaging is gorgeous!
    xprincessjas | xx

  11. I love soap and glory products and this sounds as amazing. I am gutted that I am allergic to Oranges!

    Lovely blog.


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