Nanshy Eye Brush Set | Review & GIVEAWAY!!!! *ENDED*

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I think its fair to say we all lust over having beautifully blended eye make-up and flawless/precise eyeliner but we all know it takes some pretty good make-up brushes to create that, so say hello to the Nanshy Eye Brush Set*!!!

Nanshy are a make-up brush and accessories brand that I got introduced to a while back and ever since I've been addicted to their great quality brushes!!! The Nanshy Eye Brush Set includes 7 beautifully crafted brushes especially made to create high definition eye make up results with ease, no matter what your level of artistry. A great thing to also take note of is that all of the Nanshy brushes including the 7 piece eye brush set are all synthetic, cruelty free, 100% vegan and have antibacterial bristles making them super kind and gentle to the eye area.

 As I said the Eye Brush Set includes 7 brushes, all of which I think would be amazing for beginners as the set contains every brush you will need to create numerous eye looks or for anyone who just wants to add some great quality brushes to their brush collection. Whilst I've been testing and trying each brush from the eye brush set I've been able to use the brushes in a multitude of ways, such as for my eye brows and even to blend concealer on my delicate eye area , you really aren't restricted with this set at all.

Large Shader Brush*
The largest brush in the set is the large shader brush which is great for applying your base eyeshadow colour, as the brush is so so dense it picks up alot of pigment and packs on the colour brilliantly. 

Blending Eyeshadow Brush*
The blending eyeshadow brush has to be one of my absolute favourites out of the 7 piece set, its so soft and fluffy, I love it!!! I felt when using the blending eyeshadow brush that the brush really done all the work for me as it literally takes a matter of seconds before you have beautifully blended eyeshadow, you really don't have to take the time to work at it like I do with other blending brushes I have. Ive also used the blending brush for blending concealer under my eye area and around my nose and it worked really well, overall this brush is an absolute gem.

Eye Crease Brush*
The eye crease brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow straight onto the crease area and fits in my socket perfectly. It's also a great brush for creating a winged out effect with your eye shadow as it gives you the perfect shape. 

Tapered Crease Brush*
The tapered crease brush is very similar to the eye crease brush but its slightly smaller, I find this brush to be amazing for precise work around the crease area and great for blending around the lower and upper lash line. Its fabulous for smoking out gel eyeliner on you upper lash line too and its super soft. 

Flat Definer Brush*
This brush is very new to me but after having a play around with it I'm in love! On the days when I want a more natural eye look ill use this brush along with a dark brown eyeshadow to line my upper lash line to give the effect of longer fuller lashes, it works so well and the shape of the brush really pushes the eyeshadow in between each eye lash for that perfect look.

Angled Detailer Brush*
The angled detailer brush can be used for lots of different things, I've used mine to fill in my eyebrows a number of times and the effect is great, whether you want to use it to create soft hair like strokes or a very bold sharp brow, its amazing for both. You can also use this brush for gel liner and with eyeshadow to create a soft eyeliner look.  

Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush*
Another brush that is fairly new to me is the precise bent eyeliner brush and my goodness it makes applying liquid or gel eyeliner super easy. I'd highly recommend this brush if you do struggle with getting your eyeliner correct as the size and shape of the brush works tremendously.

I have to say Nanshy have triumphed again with their Eye Brush Set, its absolutely lovely, with each brush feeling very high quality and super soft. All the brushes wash up really well too, I did think because the tips of the bristles are bright white that it would be hard to get them back to their bright white 'new' looking stage, but they actually look brand new after a wash without losing their shape or shedding any bristles. Overall they're a fabulous set of brushes that I now cant live without, they make such a difference in how of my eye make-up applies and looks, I just love them!!! 

You can buy the Nanshy Eye Brush Set from beautystore4u and Amazon for £29.95, what a bargain for a high quality 7 piece brush set!!!

To co inside with my Nanshy Eye Brush Set review, Nanshy have kindly sent me another Eye Brush Set to giveaway to one of my lovely blog followers... How exciting!!! All you have to do to enter is complete the mandatory steps within the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. WOW! Sounds lovely! I have not tried their eye brushes. I do own and love the flat top buffing brush though ^^

    lovely giveaway!

    Zara xx

  2. Wow what a great giveaway! I'd love to win as I don't have many make up brushes and I could do with some extra ones for when I can't be bothered to clean the ones I have x

  3. They look like great brushes

  4. I love the look of nanshy brushes! I've been meaning to try some for a while! Thanks for the giveaway!


  5. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I would like to win because I don't own too many eye brushes, and around half the ones I own are getting pretty old!

  6. I would absolutely love to win as I have about 3 make up brushes after having my make up bag stolen...evil evil people, leaving a woman without make up?!?!?!

  7. All of the brushes look amazing!
    Elise -

  8. such a good giveaway, good luck to everyone x

  9. This looks like a gorgeous set! I'd love to win as I'm currently using a random assortment of cheap brushes from various sets and palettes I've acquired over the years, it would be lovely to have a proper set of nice eye brushes for a change :)
    Great review and thank you for the fab giveaway!

    Jess xo

  10. I would love to win as I really want to try out some new brushes:) lovely review btw! xx

  11. Becuase I have never tried Nanshy brushes before and they look amazing! xx

  12. I'd love to win as I'd love to try out some new products :)

  13. Because Santa didn't bring me new brushes :( Bad Santa xx

  14. I don't have any eye brushes atm and these look like the perfect for my small eyes especially the blending brush! :)

  15. I'd like to win as I normally treat myself to new make up brushes every year for Christmas but I didn't this year as I already spent too much money on my little boy :)

  16. They look gorgeous, especially because they're white x

  17. i would love to win because i (sadly) still apply makeup with the applicators they come with or my fingers and i would love to try using real brushes!

  18. they look fab! would be great to win to replace my old ones i have :)

  19. I'd love to win this brush set.. Such a good giveaway idea! I definitely need some new makeup brushes because I only have a few x

  20. I would love to win because I have never tried Nanshy before & these brushes just look amaze :) I am not very good with eyeshadow etc, having some more brushes to practise with would help me a lot! - plus I have never won anything before :( so fingers & toes crossed hunny xoxo

  21. I'd love to win these brushes because I am in need of decent eye brushes, I only have a few good ones & I tend to use them for more than one thing which usually results in mistakes so more brushes would be handy (: xx

  22. in dier need of some new brushes and these look so convient....note to self to not allow two four year olds to play with your makeup and brushes :S

  23. I haven't had any new make up brushes for a couple of years and mine are falling to pieces and these look fantastic

  24. lovely brushes - would love to win :)

  25. Even if I do not win the giveaway thank you for creating this post because now I can go and try them for myself (after I've saved up a bit)

  26. wow in love with these brushes xx need these in my life


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