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Hey girlie's!!!

The party season is fast approaching and I know some work Christmas party's are already in full swing, so today I thought I would share 5 dresses that I love for the party season!!! The 5 dresses I have chosen I've tried to take into consideration many different things for instance the price, whether your prefer your arms out or covered up, the colour, sparkle or no sparkle, shape and how easy they are to get hold of.

So here are the 5 dresses that have caught my eye, I hope you like them as much as I do he he... 

1, This Gold/Black Sequin Bodycon Dress is from Select and priced at just £18.00 which I think is a really good price for a party dress and super affordable. The gold/black sequins on the front of the dress give it that Christmas party vibe without being too much. The dress also has 3 quarter length sleeves which are great if you don't like your shoulders or arms being out and is very flattering.

2, I love this Burgundy Lace Plunge Puffball Dress from Missguided. Yes the plunge is rather risque but you could always pop a thin camisole underneath if you wanted that extra cover up, it's also a puffball/skater style shape so it's really flattering and nips you in at the smallest point of your waist. The dress is also available in many different colours on the Missguided website and is priced at £35.00.

3, Ohh the Lace/Chiffon Dress is just beautiful and I must admit I've got my eye on it myself he he, its a nice festive Red shade which is always a winner and I think with some gold accessories it could turn into a very Christmassy outfit. Again, its really flattering with its skater style chiffon skirt and its little cap sleeves that will hide your shoulders if you don't like them being so exposed. You can find the dress in Oasis for £60.

4, I chose this Black Contrast V Neck Embellished Dress from New Look as I think it would suit many figures and because its just simply gorgeous. I love the contrast of colours and the fact it has added sparkle around the waist area which really adds that party feel to the dress. The dress is slightly pricey for a New Look dress being priced at £45.00 but I think when you take into consideration the fabrics used and the under skirt, the added sequins and the contrast of colours it doesn't seem too much at all.  

5, My party dress picks wouldn't be complete without a gold sparkly sequin dress, it just screams festive party to me. Its a bodycon style dress and has a good amount of shape to it considering its rather figure hugging. The dress is from New Look and is priced at £24.99, its also available in Red too which is equally as festive.

I hope you girlie's liked the hand full of party dresses I picked out, and I hope you all have a fabulous time at any Christmas parties your going too, its certainly got me excited for my works Christmas party that's for sure!!!



  1. Number 3 is my favourite! It's so gorgeous! I agree, it's such a nice festive red shade! Great post hun xx

    1. Ohhh im in love with that one too!!! :) And thank you sweetie xoxo

  2. My favourite has to be 3! Love a bit of red for Christmas time.

    I hope you don't mind but I really enjoy your blog and so I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award! I have posted a link to it, would be lovely if you take part :)


    1. Awwww thank you very much, ill check that out now hehe xoxo

  3. I love and NEED the red #3 dress. So gorgeous!

  4. Ohhh me too hun, its so god damn pretty hehe xoxo


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