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Since I've really been getting into the Christmas spirit recently I thought I would come back today to do another Christmas gift idea post. Say hello to the new sophisticated fragrance for woman, Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme*. 

This new fragrance from BOSS which sees Gwyneth Paltrow the ambassador of, was created to show the three important female facets.... 

The Light Facet
"The succulent citrus freshness of the grapefruit flower and lime emulates the vibrancy of the first rays of light, radiating a positive sense of anticipation." 

The Inspiring Facet
" A beautiful white bouquet of freesia and Lily of the Vally lies within the heart of this fragrance, showcasing the beauty and variety that can be created using just one simple colour-perfectly representing the endless possibilities in every woman's life. The addition of honeysuckle, known for needing bright lights for its flowering tips, represents the BOSS woman reaching to pursue all the possibilities the day may bring."

The Elegantly Composed Facet
"A richer, muskier finish – with earthy notes of white birch and creamy amber – ensures a feeling of softness and mirrors the unique feminine strength and ability to always approach the day and its possibilities with elegant composure."

The fragrance is described as being an elegant floral/fruity fragrance and is inspired by the first light of day. For me Hugo Boss Jour is a very fresh/fruity scent, that when first spritzed can come off quite strong but dulls down to a lovely elegant fragrance and isn't overpowering in the slightest. Jour is also a very versatile fragrance, meaning your not restricted on where and when you can use it, it's a great all rounder, which personally I prefer as I feel I can make the most out of the fragrance. As for Jour's lasting power... Well, like most BOSS fragrances the lasting power is phenomenal, the scent lingers all day and it's one of those scents that always complimented on too.

Hugo Boss Jour fragrant notes are...

Top notes: Grapefruit Flower and Lime. 
Middle notes: Freesia, Lily of the Valley and Honeysuckle.
Base notes: White Birch and Amber.

The packaging of Jour is very classy and elegant, the outta box is simple and gold with the bottle being made up of white opaque glass with a gold trim around the top, the perfumes cap has a gorgeous crystal effect which I think really sets it off.

Overall I love Hugo Boss Jour, its certainly a perfume that most woman would enjoy, so if your looking for something a little extra to add into a loved ones stocking this Christmas or if your struggled to choose which scent to go for this Christmas I'd highly recommend Jour, its certainly not a disappointing scent.

The RRP of Hugo Boss Jour is £35.00 for 30ml/ £49.00 for 50ml and £63.00 for 75ml's. There is also a shower gel, body lotion and deodorant to choose from too.

Happy Christmas Shopping Girlie's!!! 



  1. Sounds amazing, I really need to smell this I love Hugo Boss perfumes!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. I'd defo recommend Hugo Bodd perfumes, everyone ive tried smells incredible and lasts a super long time too xoxo

  2. Hugo Boss do some really nice fragrances, my favourite by them is Boss Orange :)
    Amy xA Little Boat Sailing

    1. Ohhh i've never tried that one but I will do now :) xoxo

  3. Sounds amazing...definitely want to try!

    1. It's gorgeous, defo worth a cheeky purchase that for sure hehe xoxo


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