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Hey girlie's!!!

I was recently contacted by the lovely Laura from Divine Nails* and asked if I'd like to review a set of her bespoke hand painted false nails. After having a browse at all the false nails Laura had created I jumped at the chance, as we all know I'm slightly obsessed with having nice nails especially during the festive season he he.

Laura from Devine Nails, which is based in Derry, Northern Ireland is very talented and extremely creative, she custom makes every set of false nails exactly how you want them. You can choose the colour, design, style and size, how brilliant is that!!!

The set of false nails I received was the Poppin Pink Nails With Added Glitz*, and they certainly are poppin pink, they are a gorgeous bright fuchsia pink colour with some silver glittery nails to use as accent nails and some thumb nails with 5 little silver circle gems that sit on the nail to make a triangular shape, they are certainly a set of false nails any girly girl would love!!! The way the nails where packaged was lovely, the nails came delicately wrapped in pink girly tissue paper and popped into a little Purple bag along with some nail glue. I received 17 nails in total, which I think is brilliant as you have a variety of sizes to choose from for the perfect fit. 

I found the quality of the nails to be really good, they don't feel flimsy at all and the decorative parts of the nails don't ping off either which is a bonus. The nails are also reusable as long as you remove them properly, so no picking and pinging your nails off ha ha however tempting it may be. All you have to do is soak your nails in a bowl of warm water for around 5 minutes, check too see if your false nails are wobbly or loose and if they are they should come off really easily when you touch them, if not, continue to soak them until they become loose.

 Overall I think Devine Nails are such a good idea, they're great for any of us girlie's who decide to go out at the very last minute as you can literally pop your nails on within 5 minutes and your good to go, also if you like to switch things up abit you could get yourself a couple of sets but in different lengths and different designs and change them up as much or as little as you like. The nails are also really affordable with prices starting at just £6.00 depending on your design.

If you'd like to have a look at Laura's nail designs you can find her on twitter @DevineNails1 or you can pop over and give her facebook page a read/like here.

Laura is really lovely and helpful so if you do have any questions for her don't hesitate to ask, also I dare you all to pop over and have a look at her festive nails, they are adorable he he.



  1. They look gorgeous :) Very poppin' indeed! x

    Lucie x // Fatbeautyx // Youtube

    1. Haha they are beautie's thats for sure :) xoxo

  2. These are gorgeous, love the glitter! x


    1. Awww you should see some of Laura's other nails, they are amazing!!!! Hehe yeah me too, I love abit of sparkle xoxo

  3. these are beautiful, on her fb as i type lol xx


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