The Biscuiteers Vintage Love Letter Valentines Tin

Hey beaut's!

Valentines Day is fast approaching and if your partner is a bit of a foodie/ biccy lover like me then I have just the gift from Biscuiteers that will not only put a smile on their face but will have their tummy grumbling too.
The Biscuiteers Vintage Love Letter Collection* comes in a beautiful metal tin - decorated with a cute, vintage love letter theme, it reminds me so much of a tin I had when I was little that I kept all my memories in such as cards, photo's, letters, shells from the beach, concert tickets etc, if it was a memory it went into my tin and you could definitely re-use this tin to do the same, it's such a sweet idea!
Within the Vintage Love Letter Tin are 9 yummy vanilla biscuits which all carry on the vintage love letter theme, their are cute little love hearts, love letters in different sizes, a post box and even a Dove carrying a love letter which is my personal favourite biscuit. All of the nine biscuits within the tin have been handmade with the finest ingredients and hand iced which personally I love, the time and effort which has gone into each biscuit is amazing and being the keen baker that I am I know how hard icing like that can be. Because every biscuit is hand iced you can get your biscuits personalised which means you can make your tin that extra bit special for your loved one!
The biscuits come in three layers within the tin and are wrapped beautifully with tissue paper and stuck down with a small blob of icing to keep each biccy in tact, everything is so well thought of. Overall I think this is such a cute yet different idea for Valentines Day and lets face it - who doesn't like some yummy biscuits with their tea, I know I certainly do!

You can find the Biscuiteers Vintage Love Letter Collection for £35.00 HERE and you can check out the entire Valentines range HERE.  



  1. I love this brand!! I need to try them more! What gorgeous picks you have for V Day!!

  2. These look too nice to eat!

    Rosie |


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