Barry M Candy Culture Nail Paint in Strawberry Laces Reviewed

Hey beaut's!

When I heard Barry M had launched a collection of nail paints that claimed to be scented I was all over the idea like a rash, naturally I skipped into Superdrug and grabbed the pretty pink shade which caught my eye straight away, because not only am I a fan of a pink nail during Spring but the Strawberry Laces scent was too tempting to leave, they where literally my favourite kiddie sweetie! 

Strawberry Laces is one of four shades within the Candy Culture Collection which is Barry M's first ever scented nail polish collection out for Spring/Summer 18, it's the prettiest baby pink pastel shade which is opaque after 2 coats and dries down to a soft matte finish, it's quite a a different finish to what I'm used to because it's not fully matte or full on glossy but it's somewhere in between, never the less I like it.  
The formula of Strawberry Laces is lovely, it applies evenly and smooth without any bubbling or streaking and didn't take too long to dry which is such a bonus as I hate waiting for nail polish to dry however.... I think the main question on everyone's lips is "does it smell like strawberry laces" and the answer is yes! Once it's completely dried it does have a light strawberry laces scent, it's definitely not strong or overpowering but if you give your fingernails a whiff (probably the weirdest thing I've written on my blog LOL) you can certainly smell the delicate smell of sweet strawberry laces. The smell did only last around 2 days before I couldn't smell it anymore but I did get around 3-4 days wear out of the polish itself before it started to really chip away!
Overall I'm totally sold on this collection and want the other three shades desperately now, yes it is a bit gimmicky but that sort of thing lures me in and pleases me every time. If your looking for a pretty pastel pink nail polish for the Spring time I cant recommend Strawberry Laces enough, its such a cute shade that applies and wears really well and even though the scent is quite light I think it's such a fun idea, this one is definitely going to be my go to shade over the next few months that's for sure!

You can find Barry M's Candy Culture Nail Paint in Strawberry Laces for £3.99 HERE.



  1. This sounds so interesting! I have never heard of scented nail polish, but I definitely want to try one now! xx

  2. This nail paint is so pretty, and the photographs showing it off are so gorgeous - you have such an eye for things like that :)

    Have a good weekend :)
    Wandering Everywhere

  3. This looks amazing! Such a pretty colour, and I love the fact it's scented!


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