Bilou Creamy Shower Foam Review

Hey beaut's!

Hands up...who wants to get out of the shower smelling of a tasty donut or cotton candy?? I know I do! And thanks to German YouTuber Bibi from BibisBeautyPalace we can because she has launched her very own range of sweet smelling products which are available here in the UK exclusively in selected Superdrug stores and online!

I've been giving two of the Bilou Creamy Shower Foams a whirl recently but their are Body Sprays and Gentle Cream Foams in the collection too, all of which come in the sweetest of scents such as Fizzy Berry, Coco Cocktail and Pink Melon. The scents I've been trying are Tasty Donut* and Cotton Candy* and oh my goodness they smell incredible, I've honestly never smelt a shower foam/gel so good in my entire life. Tasty Donut 'which is my favourite out of the two I have' smells just like freshly baked donuts and fruity strawberry icing – it's absolutely delicious, and Cotton Candy smells like fluffy candy floss, caramelly and sweet – it's heavenly!
The Creamy Shower Foams are so lovely to use and different to any other shower foams I've used before, instead of having to lather up the product for it to foam these spray out of the can instantly foaming like the softest white fluffy cloud, the smallest amount goes a long way too, I only pressed my can for a second and my entire hand was full of foam so their definitely going to last well. The foam feels so soft and gentle to rub into the skin without being drying and the scent throw is insanely good, I can literally smell the scents on my skin for hours afterwards and despite being super sweet they aren't sickly in the slightest to me.
If you have a sweet tooth your definitely going to want to try these beauties out, not only do they smell and work amazingly well but all of the Bilou products are 100% vegan too which makes me so happy because that means everyone can try these out. I also adore the packaging of the Bilou products, you really cant walk past these in Superdrug without buying one, the imagery is so cute but simplistic, it's right up my street!

You can buy the Bilou Creamy Shower Foams for £3.99 HERE.



  1. Oh wow the packaging is just the cutest thing!!!!!! I would totally just by it because of that reason!

    Candice |

  2. I've been wanting to try these out for ages - they sound amazing!

  3. I absolutely love these! I'm currently using the Pina colada one and it smells incredible! xx

  4. Sounds lovely, I bet they smell lush xxx

  5. I've never used a shower foam!! Sounds like they smell amazing!! I'm more into fresh scents for the shower instead of sweet ones though. Your photos look amazing btw! xx

    Angela |


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