Blogmas Day 9 - My Winter Fragrances

Hey beaut's!

It's blogmas day nine.... And today I thought I would share a couple of my winter fragrances with you that I'm seriously loving at the moment! During the winter months I love to dig out my more musky, warm scents, theres just something so nice about wearing a more musky scent when it's cold and frosty isn't there. 
My first pick is Ghost Deep Night, this has actually been a favourite of mine for years, I've literally gone through bottles of the stuff, it's a warm, dark, and woody scent that contains notes of Musk, Amber and Vanilla as well as a couple of fruity notes but the musk and vanilla are definitely most prominent in this scent. I like to wear Deep Night throughout winter either in the day or night and its lasting power is phenomenal too. 

My second pick is YSL's Black Opium, I actually got this back in the Summer and knew straight away I would get so much use out of it during the winter months, it's a dark, musky, sexy, warm scent best used for nights out I think because it's so glamorous, so it would be perfect for any Christmas and New Years parties. I have actually been wearing this through the day just with one spritz alone because it is quite a powerful fragrance but I love it so much. Also can we appreciate how stunning the bottle is, it's gorgeous!

Finally I have Twilight Mist from Body Fantasies, I find this is actually the best way to wear a more musky scent throughout the day during winter time because Body Fantasies are actually a perfume body spray which means they are formulated with high concentrations of perfume quality fragrance which is super long lasting but never overpowering and are worn in the same way as a body spray, their brilliant! Twilight Mist contains notes of pure mandarin, magnolia and sandalwood creating a pretty musky scent with hints of fruitiness, it actually remind me a lot of Ghost's Deep Night, it's gorgeous!

What's your favourite winter fragrance beaut's? I'd love to know! 



  1. I love all those fragrances especially black opium xoxo

  2. I have never tried these fragrances but thinking about my scents they are very spring/summer and I would love to have some autumn/winter scents so will check these out thank you!

    Soph x


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