Blogmas Day 20 - Terry's Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hey beaut's!

And welcome to blogmas day twenty! Today I have a super quick, easy and very yummy hot chocolate recipe for you all that features the extremely delicous Terry's Chocolate Orange!

What You Will Need For Two Hot Chocolates
Milk of your choice
4-5 Teaspoons of Coco Powder
1 Terry's Chocolate Orange
Squirty Cream and Sprinkles of choice to decorate

How To
1. Pour your milk into the two mugs/cups that you plan on having your hot chocolates in too measure out how much milk you will need, then pour into a saucepan.
2. Add in your 4-5 teaspoons of coco powder to your milk and turn on your hob very low to create a very low simmer, stir the milk and coco continuously until the two have completely combined.
3. Add in 5-6 pieces of your Terry's Chocolate Orange and again keep stirring on a very low heat until your chocolate pieces have completely melted.
4. Pour your hot chocolate in your mugs and top with some whipped or squirty cream and add some sprinkles of choice, if your feeling generous you can add a couple more Terry's Chocolate Orange segments on top of the cream too like I did and voila!! 

This hot chocolate was so easy to make and only took around 5 minutes or so and it was oh so yummy. These would make great little hot chocolate treats before bed on Christmas Eve or all over the festive season if your addicted to them like I am he he.

Will you be making any hot chocolates over the festive season beaut's? Whats your flavour of choice? I'd love to know!



  1. Great idea, I also love a good peppermint hot chocolate!!!

  2. Definitely going to try this out! I love Terry's chocolate orange 💜

  3. This looks amazing, I'll definitely have to give it a go!

    Gabija |

  4. oh my god - this is my idea of heaven!
    jen / velvet spring xxx

  5. This sounds and looks amazing! I am obsessed with chocolate orange!!

    Grace x

  6. I have all the ingredients...I'm certainly going to give this a go right now! After all what is Christmas without Terry's Chocolate Orange?

    Alicia x
    Aesthetic Obsessed

  7. Oh my goodness, this sounds amaaaazing!! I need to try it!!

    Neelam | xx

  8. Sounds yummy xoxo

  9. Awesome post chick! I loooove hot chocolate, but who doesn’t?! :-) Terry’s chocolate orange is a guilty pleasure of mine so the two together is perfect. I’m currently enjoying the Christmas pudding hot chocolate by Whittard, I recommend trying it if you haven’t already. Happy holidays!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  10. Omg this looks amazing!


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