Blogmas Day 10 - Super Easy Mince Pies

Hey beaut's!

Yesterday my mum popped over to my house to see me for a few hours and we decided to get all festive and make some mince pies together, I will only ever eat homemade mince pies, for some reason I hate shop bought ones and my boyfriend loves my mince pies so I popped my pinny on and got to work. I was so happy with how they turned out this year that I just had to share them with you all.
What You Will Need
225g of cold butter, diced/cubed
350g plain flour
100g caster sugar
280g mincemeat
1 small egg
pinch of salt if your using unsalted butter
icing sugar, to dust
pastry cutters/shapes
Muffin/Cupcake Trays

How To
1. Pre heat your oven to gas mark 6 or 200c and get two non-stick cupcake/muffin tins at the ready.
2. To make the pastry, rub together the 225 grams of cold, diced butter into the 350 grams of plain flour, then mix the 100 grams of caster sugar and add a pinch of salt if your butter is unsalted. Once everything has been completely rubbed together you should be able to combine everything into a pastry dough ball and you can then knead it briefly. 
3. Once your dough is completely smooth you can use it straight away (theres no need to chill it), I sprinkled a little more plain flour on my work surface and rolled out half of my dough to make the base's of my mince pies, I then used a circle pastry cutter and ended up getting 18 mince pie bases and popped these into the cupcake/muffin tins.
4. I then popped a teaspoon of jarred mincemeat into each mince pie base, I find a teaspoon is the perfect amount as it doesn't leak or bubble out of the mince pies whilst they bake.
5. I then rolled out my remaining dough to make my mince pie lids, I used different sized star cookie cutters but you could use a smaller circular pastry cutter or any other cookie cutter shape, it's totally up to you.
6. Finally before they go in the oven, beat one egg to use as an egg wash and brush the top of each mince pie, then bake them for around 20 minutes or until the mince pies are golden on top.
7. Leave your mince pies to completely cool before dusting them with icing sugar as a finishing touch and voila.... You can now demolish the lot ha ha.
These where so quick and easy to make and looked so nice once I plated them up, I love how the little star shapes turned out too, and they where seriously scrummy even if I do say so myself.

What will you be baking any mince pies over the festive season beaut's? I'd love to know!


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  1. They look delicious and it's making me want to eat a mince pie! We've bought some mincemeat so need to get round to making some x


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