Blogmas Day 3 - £3 B&M Christmas Candles Reviewed

Hey beaut's!

Its Blogmas day three and today I have a candle review for you all. Its no surprise that I like a candle or 50 at this time of the year ha ha, however being in the UK I feel like we sometimes miss out on some of the amazing candle scents that you can get from places such as Bath and Body Works, however recently B&M's £2.99 candles have been taking over the blogasphere and have been named the ultimate Bath and Body Works candle dupes, so I decided to take myself off to B&M and check those bad boys out. I ended up buying two of their Christmas candles quite some time ago and I have been patiently waiting until I put my Christmas decorations up to burn them and since we put our decorations up last week I've finally had them lit and have been loving them.

The B&M Christmas candle collection consists of quite a few different scents but I decided on Vanilla Snowflake and Iced Candy. The candles come in large, heavy glass jars which you can definitely reuse once the candles have burnt down, I always keep mine for makeup brushes or cotton buds, and they both come with lightweight metal lids with a snowflake embossed into it which certainly gives them even more of a Bath and Body works vibe. The candles have two wicks which is so good because they burn evenly and don't leave any wasted wax around the sides of the jars.

The first candle out of the two that I lit straight away was Vanilla Snowflake, now I love my vanilla, sugary foodie scents and this one smells divine just like a sugar cookie with icing on, oh my god it's gorgeous, it has a medium scent throw which isn't overpowering or sickly despite being sweet and lingers in the house for a good while even after blowing it out. Then we have Iced Candy, this one was a lot different to what I was expecting, with the name Iced Candy I was thinking it would be really sweet but actually it reminds me a lot of Yankee Candles Winter Glow as it's quite fresh and frost bitten with the ever so slight hint of sweetness, it really is nice and more Christmassy than Vanilla Snowflake. For £2.99 each you really cant fault these candles, they look cute, smell great without being too overpowering, their festive and have up to 25 hours burn time, their such good value for money.

Have you picked up any of the B&M Bath and Body Works candle dupes beaut's? Which would you recommend? I'd love to know.



  1. I search my B&M for these but couldn't find any!

    Kenzie x

  2. Ooo ill have to pop into my b&m and have a look.Vanilla snowflake sounds lovely,one to get you in the mood for abit of festive baking x

  3. B&M are so great for candles at the minute! Need to pick some of these up x

  4. Oh I did not know that they had come out with some more of these. I may have to go on a hunt and see if I can find them I love the ones which I have.


  5. Oooh I've never heard to these - they sound so good! I went to New York a few years ago and picked up a Christmas B&BW candle (at great expense!) which I've burnt every Christmas for the past few years but I'm so near the bottom I need a replacement!! These sound so good, I can't wait to check them out - thanks for the reccomendations

    Naomi Katharine xo

  6. These are so similar to the bath an body works ones! Snowflake cookie from Yankee is my favourite so the vanilla snowflake one definitely sounds like my kind of thing! Xx

  7. Can't believe these are only £3, they look so pretty!

    Alys George

  8. I really want these, you've made them sound SO good!!

    Tori | Tori’s World


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