Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup I ♥ My Lips Lip Balm Collection

Hey beaut's!

I have some exciting news for you all today, firstly some of my favourite, affordable makeup brands such as Makeup Revolution, I ♥ Makeup and Freedom Makeup have all been merged together on a brand new website named Tam Beauty, this means you can shop all of the brands together on one website and only have to pay the one shipping fee woohoo. Secondly I have a pretty cool new launch to share with you all from I ♥ Makeup, this time around they have launched a collection of  five different lip balms named I ♥ My Lips that are just £2.99 each. 

The I ♥ My Lips Lip Balm's* come packaged in colourful rubberised, bullet shaped casings with the balm itself being an easy to use rounded shape somewhat similar to those EOS Lip Balms. What I will say about  these packaging wise is after a few hours of me receiving these from Makeup Revolution I was playing around with them and testing them out on myself and I just suddenly realised none of mine had a barcode on or an ingredients list so I assumed mine must off been missing some sort of cardboard outta packaging? After checking the website out I was right, they should have come in cardboard packaging so I was a bit miffed that I had got all excited when they arrived and I immediately tried all of mine out after realising they where not securely packaged. I would assume if you bought these they would come securely packaged but I felt I needed to add this information within my review just in case. 
Packaging drama aside, like I said I did try all of the balms out before realising so I can tell you my honest thoughts on these. The I ♥ Makeup I ♥ My Lips Lip Balm Collection consists of five different scented lips balms, theres Cool Vanilla, Wild Strawberry, Blueberry Crush, Mint Sorbet and Raspberry Fizz, they do all smell incredibly nice with Raspberry Fizz and Wild Strawberry being my favourite scents within the collection. Each balm is said to replenish, hydrate, soften and protect your lips and when you very first apply them they really do make my lips feel lovely and soft and moisturised but there definitely isn't a long lasting effect with these, for instance I wouldn't say these would keep your lips feeling nourished for hours but if your looking for a moisture boost there and then these are great for that, they make good lip balms to prep your lips with before you apply a lipstick too. 
Overall and in all honesty I'd say these are OK but nothing ground breaking, I do absolutely adore Makeup Revolution and I ♥ Makeup and theres nothing much from them I can usually grumble over but... the packaging drama was slightly annoying for me as I think they should have arrived securely sealed but the balm itself was OK for an immediate moisture boost and they are handy to have in your handbag or pocket because they are small and compact. I must add I loved all of the scents, they are so fragrant and very realistic and it makes the balms very pleasent to apply thats for sure!

Have you tried the I ♥ Makeup I ♥ My Lips Lip Balm Collection beaut's? What did you think? 


  1. These are so cute, need them all =]

  2. These lip balms look really cute, I can't wait to try them out!

    Emily xo


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