Benefit 'Dew The Hoola' Magazine Freebie + Review

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Benefit have been at it again... Yup theres another freebie up for grabs and this time it's in the shape of the ever so popular 'Dew The Hoola' liquid bronzer, so make sure you grab yourself a copy of the September issue of Elle Magazine! I've actually been using my sample of Dew The Hoola for a little while now so I thought I'd do a cheeky review for you all today and let you know my thoughts. 
Benefit's Dew The Hoola is a soft matte liquid-come gel bronzer, that promises to give us a year-round glow, without the gleam. I literally couldn't wait to give this a go because liquid bronzers are quite hard to come by and personally I had never tried one before so I had no idea what to expect. What I really love about Dew The Hoola and what I quickly found out whilst experimenting with it is that you can wear it in a few different ways, firstly it can be added in with your foundation to add a more bronzed effect (think bronzed goddess) or you can just use it as your bronzer and blend it in with a makeup brush everywhere the sun would natural hit and tan your face, you can even use it for a subtle contour too because of the finish being matte!
The formula of Dew The Hoola is gorgeous and so easy to apply, it blends into the skin effortlessly without any caking or patchiness and can be built up easily until your satisfied with the amount of glow you've got going on he he. The finish is soft, matte and oh so natural, theres zero glitters or shimmers with this so it's as natural as bronzers come, and it's so lightweight, I literally don't even feel like I'm wearing it once it's on, it's lush. The shade of Dew The Hoola is quite warm, it does look slightly orange when first pumped onto the back of my hand but trust me once it's been blended into the skin it just gives a gorgeous, natural bronzed glow/flush to the skin! 

Don't forget to pick up the latest isssue of Elle for your freebie beaut's!



  1. I love that you did a post about this product! I saw this came with the Elle magazine and I'm thinking about giving it a go. I never thought about buying a bronzer in liquid form but it might be nice added into foundation like you said! Lovely post, Hayley!


  2. Love Dew the hoola I was really impressed with it xoxo


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